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United Airlines Adds Baggage Fee : US Airways Takes Its Nickel & Dime Tactics To A Whole New Level!

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12/06/2008 – United Airlines Adds Baggage Fee : US Airways Takes Its Nickel & Dime Tactics To A Whole New Level!

The nickel-and-dime tactics started by American Airlines and their slide from ‘legacy carrier‘ to ‘low cost carrier’ has started a trend among other US based ‘legacy carriers.’

As of this morning United Airlines has followed American Airlines‘ lead and will begin charging US$15 for the first checked bag as of the 18th of August. To make the even more complex, United Airlines now states that this will apply to all tickets purchased after the 13th of June for travel after the 18th of August…….rather than tickets purchased after the 18th of August.

Flying with two bags? Be prepared to pay US$15 for the first checked bag and $25 for the second checked bag….each way. This means 2 bags will cost you $80 round trip!

United Airlines has a somewhat complex schedule set up for baggage fees. If you’re flying United Airlines I suggest reading this baggage fee charge: United Airlines Baggage Information

Keep in mind that baggage fees will not be assessed for international travel on United Airlines.

I have long since detailed the nickel-and-dime tactics of US Airways. While US Airways will also be instituting the $15 first checked bag fee, they are taking the nickel-and-dime game to a whole new level! How is US Airways taking these tactics in a whole new direction? Let me tell you

-US Airways will institute charging for all beverages in-flight in economy class. This means juice, water, coffee, and soda. It is expected this fee will be US$2.00 per beverage.

-US Airways will be raising its alcoholic beverage fee from US$5.00 to US$7.00

-US Airways will be soon be charging a US$25 fee for using you ‘miles redemption tickets.’

-US Airways will be assessing a US$35 fee for flights to the Caribbean and Mexico using ‘miles redemption tickets.’

-US Airways will be instituting an astounding fee of US$50 for booking flights to Europe and Hawaii when using ‘miles redemption tickets.’

-US Airways will be eliminating all bonus miles awarded to ‘elite frequent flyers’ in its frequent flyer program. (I have to say I saw this one coming, which is one of multiple reasons why I ceased to be a US Airways ‘Platinum’ frequent flyer’)

In an interesting twist, most US based Low Cost Carriers have yet to institute checked baggage fees on the first checked bag. JetBlue now charges for the second checked bag, while Southwest Airlines still allows for two checked bags.

As the divide between legacy carriers continues to blur it turns out that low cost carriers are rapidly offering more to their customers at more affordable rates.

Happy Flying!

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