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Using Your Credit Card Internationally : Inform Your Credit Card Company Before You Cross The Border

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17/09/2008 – Using Your Credit Card Internationally : Inform Your Credit Card Company Before You Cross The Border

Last week my fellow photographer from Canada…..we’ll call him “Edgar” (the same one with the Passport issues in this post : 12/03/08 – Keeping Your Passport Current & Paying Attention To Visas) was traveling through Newark Liberty Airport, in New Jersey, only to have his credit card declined multiple times.

“Edgar” knew his credit cards were current, but could not figure out the problem. What was the problem? “Edgar” had left the country without informing his credit card company. Many people travel internationally every day with giving their credit cards a second thought, however many credit card companies require you to inform them of when you’re leaving the country to prevent fraudulent use of the card.

Some credit card companies have this policy on new cards, others want to know what countries you’ll be in, some just want a simple call and other companies don’t care or need to be notified.

If you travel internationally and have a new card,or even an old card that has never left the country, it always a good idea to make sure your credit card company is aware that you’ll be using the credit cards internationally.

So before you pack your passport and check your drawers for some clean socks, give a quick call to your credit card company and make sure you’re card won’t be frozen when you try and use it in a foreign country.

Happy Flying!


  1. I’ve heard this could backfire also. A friend of mine did just what you suggest, only to have his card shut down as soon as he tried to use it. Im sure it was communication problem within the CC company, but it might be a good idea to get the name and extension of the customer service person you speak with.

  2. Dave,

    That is interesting and a new one for me to hear. I have heard many people tell me about using a card overseas only to have it denied because they didn’t inform their credit card company (it happened to me back in 2004 with HSBC).

    It is always a good idea to get the name and ID # of the rep you speak with.

    Thanks for the reminder on that!

    Happy Flying!


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