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WPPI Highlights Flying With Fish As Resource For Traveling Photogs

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6/09/2008 – WPPI Highlights Flying With Fish As Resource For Traveling Photogs

This morning I received a message from a WPPI member, Karen Ziemkowski (www.tavestudio.com), informing me that the Wedding & Portrait Photographers International organization had highlighted Flying With Fish in its latest e-newsletter to its members.

WPPI (www.wppionline) is an international organization with thousands of members around the world. As the organization is helping its membership plan for their annual convention and trade show, in Las Vegas this coming February, the editors of the organization, sent off information regarding Flying With Fish to help its membership plan their travel logistics.

For those of you who receive the WPPI newsletters, Flying With Fish is in the first segment under Member News : Important News for WPPI Members

This is what it says:
For photographers who are heading to Las Vegas for WPPI 2009, check out the blog Flying With Fish (www.flyingwithfish.com). Flying With Fish is regularly updated with travel information relevant to photographers who travel and those who seek to travel. Flying With Fish keeps photographers informed about travel-related topics.

For those of you flying to Las Vegas McCarran International Airport (LAS), some quick tips. On your way home if you want a quiet place to sit and work, check out the Kids-Area new the D-Gates. In the evening there are rarely any kids in there, but the floor is comfortable to lie down and stretch out on. Additionally there are plenty of electrical outlets, and the WiFi signal is strong. Directly (well sort of angled) across from the Kids-Area is Ruby’s Dinette, the food is pretty good and relative to eating in an airport it is affordable.

For you international travelers flying home from Las Vegas, keep in mind that the international terminal, Terminal 2, while nice is lacking a selection of restaurants to eat at. While most airports have a wider selection in the international terminals than the domestic terminals, Las Vegas’ McCarran Int’l Airport is the opposite. ‘T2’ only offers fast food and a bar, with no real sit down restaurants. The shopping in ‘T2’ is also lacking when compared to nearly every international departures terminal I have been through. For those with ‘Lounge Access’ there is a joint ‘First Class Lounge’ in T2, next to Gate #3, however it is not what you often expect from a lounge operated directly by an international airline.

Have a great time in Vegas folks!

Happy Flying!

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