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Fish has been covering aviation and transportation security issues since September 15, 2001, after walking away from Ground Zero in Lower Manhattan following four days of documenting the worst aviation security disaster in history.

Having spent more than a decade-and-a-half as a full-time photojournalist, Fish now divides his time between building social media and social commerce strategies and solutions for global travel brands, along with researching aviation and transportation security.

Growing up at the end up New York's JFK International Airport's Runway 4R/22L probably explains Fish’s enjoyment of watching planes fly overhead. When not working or shooting photos, Fish can be found playing with (and cleaning up after) his three kids, chasing his dogs, standing in the kitchen cooking, monitoring radios public safety and federal radios and of course cheering for the Red Sox.

You can find Fish on Twitter at @flyingwithfish …and … join Fish every Thursday at 3:30pm EST as he hosts the weekly #TNI #Travel Chat on Twitter.

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Aviation Safety & The U.S. Government Shut Down … this is scary

As the United States Government sends more than 800,000 “non-essential” employees home today due to the politically created standoff in Washington D.C., more than 2,500 of those sent packing are in fact not only essential, but critical to the safety of anyone getting on an airplane, or on the ground with a plane flying overhead. […]

Happy National Aviation Day!

There are so few holidays that bring such joy to the faces of aviation geeks (AvGeeks) throughout the United States. The 19th of August is met with anticipation and AvGeeks throw off their covers early in the morning, burst down the stairs and crane their necks to the sky looking for planes, contrails and the […]

Is This The Real Reason You Can’t Use Phones On Planes?

I dedicate this post to all my flight attendant friends  … so put your seat in the upright position, turn off your electronics, except the one you’re about to use to watch the following video and prepare to laugh.   The following video is one that should leave you in stitches … you should also […]

Southwest Airlines & Lessons In Social Media Crisis Communications

Media relations and corporate communications are a 24/7/365 cycle. No one knows when an incident will occur, but when one does occur companies must be ready to react, especially an airline.   On the 6th of July 2013 Asiana Flight 214 landed short at San Francisco International Airport, breaking the tail off of the Boeing […]

Airport Security & Humanity … This Should Piss You Off

… and we’re back from our break. Kids are home for the summer, there is a beach at the end of my street, what can I say, I put on sun block and tuned out.  But, the vacation is over and rather than ease back into things, I guess I should just dive right in. […]

The TSA Rereverses Its Already Reversed Decision On Knives As Carry On

This afternoon at 14:42hrs EST the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) Administrator John S. Pistole sent an email to all agency employees regarding a “Prohibited Items List Update.”   The email, one which was expected by many, rereversed an already reversed decision by Administrator Pistole to withdraw the March 5 2013 announcement that passengers would be […]

Physics Revisited : Can A Passenger Open An Airplane Door In Flight?

Given the news that an Alaska Airlines passenger was arrested yesterday at Portland International Airport after attempting to open an emergency exit door on-board Alaska Airlines flight 132, from Anchorage, this seems like a good time to revisit the issue of aircraft doors being opened in-flight. Can a passenger open a jet airliner’s door in […]

Gov’t Wants To Fingerprint Travelers Leaving The U.S., Why It’s A Bad Idea

Yesterday the United States Senate Judiciary Committee voted 13-to-5 in favour of an amendment, as part of immigration reform, to require the finger printing of all foreign travelers departing the United States.  The bill, proposed by Senator Orin Hatch (R-UT), implements biometric tracking of foreign travelers under the Department of Transportation in three phases.   […]

Delta’s Rationale For Denying Media Access On ‘Worldport’s’ Last Day … Fear

For months I had planned on documenting the last day of New York JFK International Airport’s Terminal 3 operations, the former Pan Am Worldport, on the 23rd of May 2013.   After back and forth emails Delta Air Lines declined my access to the historic terminal last week, as well as other media outlets interested in […]

A Historic Chapter In Aviation Closes & It Won’t Be Documented

In less than one week the former Pan American Airways Unit Terminal Building, more commonly known as the Pan Am WorldPort, at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport, taken over by Delta Air Lines in 1991, and now simply known as Terminal 3, will cease operations after 53 years. .   JFK’s iconic Terminal […]