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United Airlines, Well Really Republic Airline, & The Legality Of Deboarding Passengers

Over the past week we have all become familiar with United Airlines vs Dr. David Dao … which really is more like Republic Airline & The Chicago Department of Aviation vs Dr. David Dao … but that isn’t really relevant right now.   Since Dr. Dao’s unfortunate situation with Republic Airline and Chicago Aviation Security…

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Revisiting Photography & TSA Checkpoints … It’s Still Legal

Twice in the past week I have had photographers ask me about the legality of photographing Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checkpoints, each having had run-ins at two different airports. While photographers continue to face confrontation from TSA Transportation Security Officers (TSO), their superiors, and law enforcement, as the shoot photographs at checkpoints, regardless of whether they…

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I’ve Always Said, If You Want To Sneak A Knife On A Plane … Disguise It As A Gun

Today’s travel moron of the week goes to a passenger at Baltimore Washington International Airport. There is not much more that can be said beyond … who tries to sneak a knife through airport security disguised as a gun?   Does this count as a double catch for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Transportation Security…

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Hassled At The Airport? It’s Not Always TSA … Exploring This Topic Once Again

Who is to blame, or at least complain about, at the airport? This is a topic that has been discussed before, but one that seems to need repeating. Reading my email, following Twitter and other online travel conversations, it seems that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) are to blame for everything.   Yes, granted, dealing…

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