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04-December-2006 Niantic, Connecticut

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04-December-2006 Niantic, Connecticut

Well I guess every blog has a beginning, everything has to start somewhere, so here we go.

First off, when I am packing for a trip, I always love staring at all the things I need to pack and looking at the small “legal carry on” bag I need to pack them in.

At the moment I am getting ready for a four day business trip that will take me through six U.S. States, four countries, two continents, one train, nine flights, without stopping for one single night in a hotel. This may seem a little bit strange, but for me travel is about business as a photographer. Many photographers travel for work then stay a few days to sight see, no me. I need to go, do my work and get home to my family. The less time I am away the less money spent, the less money spent, the more profitable my trip.

For this trip I am heading out to meetings with four weddings coordinators in two countries, two in Hong Kong and two in Honolulu. I should have some downtime to try and wander around (not to far from the airport) in Incheon, South Korea and Nagoya, Japan along the way.

Due to the international date line, and time zone shifts, I will never technically be in any country on the 6th of December, and on the December 8th I will fly on three (yes three!) overnight red-eye flights, set foot in four countries, and log more air miles than I care to think about.

Below are two photos. One shows everything I must pack , the other shows the LowePro Stealth Backpack and small Domke F5X wait pack in which I must pack it all.

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a group of camera equipment on a beda black backpack on a bed

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