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Clear Baggage Identification – Revisited

Web: www.fishfoto.com — E-Mail: fish@flyingwithfish.com 3/07/2008 – Clear Baggage Identification – Revisited While I have covered the topic of clearly identifying checked baggage in the past, both about what information to place on your bag, as well as clearly making your bag identifiable, I still frequently receive questions regarding this topic. As I pulled the…

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04-December-2006 Niantic, Connecticut

Web: www.fishfoto.com — E-Mail: fish@fishfoto.com 04-December-2006 Niantic, Connecticut Well I guess every blog has a beginning, everything has to start somewhere, so here we go. First off, when I am packing for a trip, I always love staring at all the things I need to pack and looking at the small “legal carry on” bag…