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12/09/2008 – The Weekly Round Up : Airline Jargon; Rent Green; Passenger Bill of Rights; Passenger Etiquette; In-Seat Power; FAA Wait; A New Workshop!

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12/09/2008 – The Weekly Round Up : Airline Jargon 102; Rent Green; Passenger Bill of Rights; Passenger Etiquette; In-Seat Power; FAA Wait & A New Workshop!

This week has been a busy one on Flying With Fish. I somehow managed to post more than one entry a day a few days this week.

I’ll kick off the Weekly Round Up introducing you all to a new blog that has been created by the Travel 360 Network, the new blog is TheBestTravelBlogs.com (www.TheBestTravelBlogs.com). The new blog kicked off yesterday, and Flying With Fish was the first blog they chose to write about and highlight. If you any of you know other travel blogs they should write about click the link and send them an e-mail.

So, now onto the week in review.

I’ll kick this off with the announcement of a new travel-photography workshop. The Get Up & Fly Workshops are a hands on, in the field, one day marathon workshops. The first two workshops are scheduled on the 7th of November leaving from New York’s JFK and the 13th of November leaving from Los Angeles’ LAX. For more information on this one of a kind, single day travel photography boot-camp, click here:
10/09/2008 – Get Up & Fly Workshops For Photographers Available Now!

The first entry on Flying With Fish this week was unexpected. I awoke in my hotel room to find a message that the Wedding & Portrait Photographers International organization had highlighted Flying With Fish in their newsletter as a source their members should reference when traveling. To read what WPPI wrote check here:
6/09/2008 – WPPI Highlights Flying With Fish As Resource For Traveling Photogs

This week I followed up on the Airline and Airport Terminology Glossary 101 with a “102” of this Glossary. This entry focuses on acronyms commonly heard in airports or on commercial aircraft. If you want to expand your knowledge of what is being said around you while traveling visit this entry:
8/09/2008 – Airline & Airport Terminology Glossary 102

Airline passengers need a bill of rights! Airlines are often unaccountable for their actions, and Citizens of the United States can urge their Senators to attach a Passengers Bill of Rights to Bill S:1300, the FAA Reauthorization Bill! To find out how you can help get a Passengers Bill of Right Passed click here:
8/09/2008 – U.S. Passengers Bill of Rights : Help Get It Added Onto ‘Bill S:1300’ Before Sept 15th!

When we travel we often enlarge of carbon foot-print. I have discussed purchasing carbon offsets in past entries, however this week I discussed how you can reduce your carbon foot-print when renting cars on the road. Find out how you can travel in a more ‘green friendly’ way here:
9/09/2008 – Rent Green : Downgrade Your Rental Car

A frequent topic on Flying With Fish is ‘Passenger Etiquette,’ this week I discussed ‘Public Display of Affection’ when locked in a confined space (aircraft) with dozens of strangers for hours at a time. Weigh in on my opinions by reading this post:
10/09/2008 – Passenger Etiquette : Public Display of Affection In Flight

Everyone wants in-seat power when they travel. Even if you want want to work you may want to charge your batteries, watch movies or revive your dead Blackberry. While many airlines are moving to standard 110v/220v outlets, many still offer ’emPower’ outlets in their aircraft. To learn more about emPower, what it is and how to use it, this post should answer most of your questions:
11/09/2008 – In-seat Power & emPower Revisited : Working In Flight

I wrapped the week up with my iPhone ‘App’ of the Week. This week I discussed “FAA Wait,” which has become an incredible tool for travel. FAA Wait provides users with real-time FAA delays and ground stops, with detailed information related to delays and ground-stops. To find out why you need to have this iPhone ‘App’ in your iPhone check here:
11/09/2008 – iPhone ‘App’ Of The Week : FAA Wait

On a business note, I may begin experimenting with some ads on Flying With Fish in the next week. Flying With Fish up until now has been ad free, however the time it takes to update Flying With Fish, and gather the information is equal to that of a full-time job. I have not decided if I will run ads or not, but if I do they will be as unobtrusive as possible, and the content will always remain free and open to anyone and everyone who can use the information.

I know many seem to think I am getting rich off of Flying With Fish. So far to date I have earned $0.00/€0.00/£0.00 from Flying With Fish. The goal of this site from day one was simple…..help people travel smarter. My goal and intentions have not changed, however I never intended to run a blog that was updated more than once a week.

Have an opinion on this? Drop an e-mail and let me know.

Happy Flying!

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