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Music For The Global Traveler

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15/09/2008 – Music For The Global Traveler

At the start of this past summer I wrote about “Six Songs That Remind Me To Go Home.” While I love to make my way home, a song I have recently started listening to a song that reminds me, in part, why I like to pack my cameras and head out and circle The Globe.

Alanis Morissette’s “Citizen Of The Planet” is a great motivator to get up and travel. The message of the song sets visions into motion that should inspire you to not only start searching for your next flights, but also understand that as a human race we are ‘one people.’ We rise and fall together as a collective society.

Certain lines in the song are all to familiar for me, but I’ll let you decide if the song motivates you the way it motivates me.

Happy Flying!
–Click Image Below To Launch Citizen Of The Planet Video–

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