Every Once In A While It Is Nice To Have Your Efforts Recognized

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16/03/2009 – Every Once In A While It Is Nice To Have Your Efforts Recognized

Every once in a while it is nice to have your efforts recognized.

While I have had some nice recognition since starting Flying With Fish, last week I think I had one of the best compliments to efforts to help photogs travel easier, smarter and with less stress (and along the way help everyone else fly smarter as well).

Last Friday, the 13th of March, it had come to my attention that legendary travel photographer Bob Krist relaunched his blog a day earlier.   Along with Bob’s new blog he created a new list of resource links for his readers.

…top of the list…Flying With Fish.

Yea, I know the list is in alphabetical order, but to be listed on Bob Krist’s blog is simply “Wow.”   I am sure Bob’s knowledge of travel is far superior to most photogs anywhere in the world, so to know that Bob reads Flying With Fish and finds the site resourceful, I am really quite honoured.

A friend of mine was laughing when I told him how excited I was to be on Bob Krist’s short list of links, and to be at the top.   He was laughing because in the past year alone my expertise on travel has been featured on national television, in major national and international newspapers and magazines and I’ve been a featured guest on national talk radio shows in the US and Canada.   My excitement for being listed on this photographer’s blog seems to be greater than any feature in the media.

Why am I this excited? Because I have been a fan of Bob’s work since I was a kid. I have grown up, started a career, advanced in my career and am now raising my three kids all while looking at his images. I have been fascinated by the locations he visits and the style in which he shoots.  While I travel, I have never been a travel photographer and I have always put Bob’s work at the top of the list for travel photographers I admired.

For those of you who do not know Bob Krist’s work, the ‘short list’ of his professional careers includes having been a photographer for National Geographic Traveler and Smithsonian Magazine for as long as I can remember (and I started reading National Geographic when I was in 5th or 6th grade).   Bob was Kodak’s ‘poster boy’ shooting an incredible series of ads for Kodak, and he has been featured in countless Nikon ads.  Along the way Bob has hosted a series of photo-educational TV shows and his work has been honoured with the Alfred Eisenstaedt Award for his work.

…and my most used travel vest is actually from the former line of Bob Krist photo gear produced by LL Bean.

So, while links to Flying With Fish appear on many web sites and blogs, and my blog has been referenced and featured on many top notch web sites, including Popular Photography and the Wall Street Journal, the kid in me comes out knowing someone of this caliber finds my information to be a valuable resource for other photogs.

In short, sometimes it is nice to feel validated for your efforts and hard work.

If you want to check out some fantastic work, check out Bob’s work at www.bobkrist.com , his blog can be found at www.bobkrist.com/blog

I am sure I sound like a babbling fan sitting in the front row of one of Bob’s workshops right now…but I’m OK with that.

Happy Flying!

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  1. Validation, even in little surprising ways, is sweet. Bob Krist and you are both awesome.

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