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29/08/2008- The Weekly Round Up : Fees Wipeout Surfers : Experimenting With Flying With Fish Video : iPhone App Of The Week

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29/08/2008- The Weekly Round Up : Fees Wipeout Surfers : Experimenting With Flying With Fish Video : iPhone App Of The Week

This week was a ‘short week’ for me, as I spent most of this week in the hospital having surgery and recovering from surgery. My posts this week were posted in my absence by others, thanks! I’ll be on my back a few more days, unable to move my head up-down or side-to-side, but with a project on the calendar for Sunday I had better heal quickly!

This week was primarily filled up with experimenting with Flying With Fish Video. For a few days this past weekend I had access to a Flip Video Camera so I decided to see what I could do. Having never really shot video in the past, and never put together a video piece in the past; I figured “what the heck” and shot a few quick segments. Some people find video very easy, I found there to be a steep learning curve with video, however I may play with this medium again and see what I can do with a little more time, and possibly a camera with better audio.

This weeks’ three Flying With Fish Videos may be viewed in these three entries
25/08/2008 – Shooting Long Lenses With No Tripod At Slower Exposures While On The Road

26/08/2008 – Choosing Your Cameras For Traveling

28/08/2008 – Choosing Your Lenses When Traveling : Your Shoulders Will Thank You

Aside from these three experimental videos, this week I kicked off Flying With Fish discussing baggage fees that affect surfers. While surfers make up a minority of the flying public, the fees they are being saddled with are out of line and should be redirected at other flyers who’s baggage weighs more, using more fuel and who could bring in a more consistent revenue stream. You can read up on the fees affecting flying surfers here:
23/08/2008 – Airline Fees For Surfboards Wipeout Traveling Surfers?

This week’s iPhone ‘App of the Week’ is “Currency.’ Looking for a simple foreign currency exchange rate converter for travel or quick currency conversion during business discussions? This may be the ‘App’ for you. You can check out ‘Currency’ in this post:
28/08/2008 – iPhone ‘App’ Of The Week : Currency

Interested in discussing travel planning, tips, ideas and anecdotes with other travelers? Join Flying With Fish’s “Travel_Planning” community on Live Journal. The community is free and easy to join and is open to first time travelers and seasons road warriors. The best information is shared information, which is the goal of the online Travel_Planning community.

That’s it for this week………..Happy Flying!

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