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7/11/2008 – The Weekly Round Up : Fish Joins Mountainsmith’s Design Team : Locks : FBOweb : TSA Sells Ads Space : Mountainsmith Amp : Less Seats Fly

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7/11/2008 – The Weekly Round Up : Fish Joins Mountainsmith’s Design Team : Locks : FBOweb : TSA Sells Ads Space : Mountainsmith Amp : Less Seats Fly

This week the most discussed topic on Flying With Fish was Election Day in the United States. This topic has nothing to do with photography and even less to do with travel, but it is a topic I feel strongly about. I hope you all went out and voted. I don’t care whom you voted for, as long as you let your voice be heard! The two posts on Election Day were these:
4/11/2008 – U.S. Election Day : GO VOTE!

4/11/2008 – Do You Need Some Incentive To Vote Aside From Democracy? How About Free Coffee From Starbucks?

Aside from Election Day the exciting news on Flying With Fish was being asked to join Mountainsmith’s Design Board. Mountainsmith has recognized my completely unsolicited enjoyment of their gear and asked me to pitch in. I head off to Golden, Colorado, in Mid-December for the first Design Board meeting. For more info, click here :
7/11/2008 – Flying With Fish To Join Mountainsmith’s Design Board

Last week kicked off discussing the advantages to using a combination lock over a key lock on your bags. It may seem trivial, but believe it or not, combination locks can provide you with some significant advantages for peace of mind. Interested in finding out why you should ditch your key locks for combination locks? Check here:
3/11/2008 – Baggage Locks : Keys vs Combination

Over the past year the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has experimented with allowing the sale of advertising on TSA security checkpoint equipment, such as security bins and the tables before the x-ray machine. I personally see this as something that needs to be discontinued. TSA checkpoints are federally controlled security area, and should be free from advertising and endorsements. Read more on this topic in this entry:
5/11/2008 – Ads At TSA Airport Security Checkpoints : Should They Be For Sale?

What can you do once you’ve planned your camera and lens selection, researched the perfect bag then discover the flights you researched earlier in the year no longer exist? With 59.7-million fewer seats flying in the 4th quarter of 2008 this can be tricky. For some tips on how to plan your next journey click here:
6/11/2008 – Packed To Travel But No Seats To Be Found?

This week’s iPhone ‘App’ Of the Week, FBO Web Flight Tracker, is a fun fight-tracking tool for ‘geeks.’ FBO Web Flight Tracker allows you to track fights by tail number, airport, specific flight and find out where they are in the sky on a real-time map, as well as their altitude and estimated time remaining in flight. This iPhone ‘App’ does require slightly more than basic knowledge to use properly. Sound like a fun tool you want to explore? Check here:
6/11/2008 – iPhone ‘App’ Of The Week : FBO Web Flight Tracker

My quest to find the ideal mobile phone belt holster came to a stop last year on the second floor of the Kittery Trading Post, in Kittery, Maine, while shopping for a pair of pants. While browsing the store I came upon the Mountainsmith Amp mobile phone holster and I never looked back. Since I started using the Mountainsmith Amp I have never knocked my phone out, despite being banged my cameras, lenses, waist packs, belt pouches, having climbed over, on and through objects and flying around the world a few times. To read more about this durable, reliable and versatile mobile phone holster click this link:
6/11/2008 – Mountainsmith Amp : A Phone Holster For People On The Run

Next week I hope to introduce you to a whole new type of bag, this bag I should mention is NOT a Mountainsmith bag. From what I have seen this new bag looks to be a highly customizable. The bag I’ll be reviewing should arrive on Monday and be packed with gear by Monday night. This bag was designed for use by wildlife photographers, and while I see incredible potential for sports photographers, for my purposes, I see this bag as a fantastic bag for traveling with a complete compact mobile lighting kit. So what is this new bag I’ll be one of the first to use in the field? You’ll need to check in next week to find out!

Happy Flying!

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