A Month In The Life Of A Flying Fish

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20/05/2008 – A Month In The Life Of A Flying Fish

Every once in a while someone will ask me “What makes you a Flying Fish?”

The answer to the first part of this question is simple; I have been called “Fish” since I was a young child. It is a nickname that has stuck with me throughout my life.

What makes me a “Flying Fish?” Rather than tell you what makes me a “Flying Fish,” I’d rather review my last month of work and let you find our for yourself.

From 4-April to 4-May, In the course of shooting assignments and other commissioned photo projects, I flew 32,306 miles; crossed the Atlantic Ocean 3 times; crossed the North American Continent 3 times; crossed the Pacific Ocean once; crossed through Immigrations 9 times; flew through 7 countries; flew on airlines bearing the flags of five different nations (from three different continents); shot projects in 12 cities; worked on three continents…………..and in one trip during this month, I flew completely around the world in 3.5 days, shooting projects in four cities, in four countries, on three continents.

My experience as a business traveler is fairly extensive. My travel is diverse from short-haul regional flights, to frequent ‘mid-haul’ transcontinental travel and extremely hectic long-haul intercontinental flights. Along the way I have paid attention, taken notes and most of all watched, waited and watched some more.

Coupling my in-depth knowledge of traveling as a commercial airline passenger with the information I gained while working as a news photographer, having spent 3.5 years documenting ‘homeland security’ both domestically and abroad, I have created an extensive personal data base of information. Now, I pass along this information to the public in an effort to make everyone’s life just a little bit easier when heading to the airport to catch a flight to the see a loved one a few hundred miles away or a new client half-way around the world.

For you new readers of Flying With Fish……Welcome!

For you readers familiar with Flying With Fish, thanks for your support. There are some new things I have in the works for the future and I hope you stick around to see them as I start to roll them out.

For those of you interested in my work, outside of Flying With Fish, I am ending this post with 15 images from my work between the 4th of April 2008 and the 4th of May 2008. These images are all dated and posted in chronological order.

………and now it’s time to pack for the next trip. In two days I take off for a 16,000+ mile journey to photograph a wedding in Hong Kong. The total time I’ll be away for this trip? 70 hours round-trip.

Happy Flying!

–Click Images To Enlarge Them–
a man and woman kissing in front of a waterfall
a man and woman sitting on a bench
a tall building with clouds in the sky
a bird flying in the sky
a woman in a white dress
a woman in a white dress
a close-up of a building
a beach with clouds in the sky
a bridge over water at sunset
a woman looking through a window

a man sitting on a couch
a man and woman looking at the eiffel tower
a close-up of a woman smiling
a bride and groom walking down the aisle
…..and the last photo shot this month is shot by me (with the aid of a timer), of me, sleeping on a very comfortable couch at Amsterdam-Schiphol Int’l Airport (AMS).
a man lying on a couch


  1. Hi Steven,

    this sounds like a mixture of joy and pain,
    do you enjoy the travel or do you rather
    see it as a necessary evil?

    BTW: Nice picture from Frankfurt, i’ll be there in two weeks from now…

    Have a nice one,

  2. Thanks Fish…really enjoy your work & good advice on happy flying. Curious how you got started in the destination / international weddings? I love to travel and have a successful wedding photography business in the Napa Valley…but since my home town is a bit of a ‘destination’…i’m not getting out as much as I would like.
    Thanks for your time.

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