Airline Safety Videos … Finally A Funny Parody

The number of airline safety video parodies I have seen is more than I can count on all my fingers and toes … and the fingers and toes of my three kids.   The number of airline safety parody videos that actually made me laugh would be zero until this evening (I don’t count Air New Zealand’s Richard Simmons video … that is a real safety video).


Delta Air Lines safety videos for the past few years have featured flight attendant Katherine Lee, also known as Deltalina.  While the Deltalina videos have been parodied, imitated, none of these videos have caused me to find myself laughing alone in the dark while watching them … that is until tonight.


What makes this airline safety video parody hysterical?  It isn’t mocking the safety video; it matches absolutely nonsensical lip-synching to the video.   Its takes a moment to realize what is going on … once your brain kicks it, it’s hilarious.


So sit back, put your tray table up, close your window shades get in the mood to laugh.


Happy Flying!





  1. can’t find the link for it, is it a conspiracy against me? FOIL HAT! FOIL HAT!

  2. Russell,

    Last night some folks saw the video and others could not for some reason. The issue seems to be corrected now.

    Sorry about that.

    Happy Flying!


  3. Very funny but not rolling on the floor funny Air NZ and Virgin America they are by far the best safety videos . The Rico and body painted cabin crew being my favorites.

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