Airport Security Is No Laughing Matter…Except When It Is

Anyone who flies with any frequency knows the drill at the airport, shoes off, jacket off, 3-1-1 bag out, laptop out, leave your knives in your checked bag and make sure your H&K MP5 is packed in a secured case and is declared with the airline.


All the fun of the airport screening process is gone … however the folks at Glacier Park International Airport, in Kalispell, MT, decided that informing passengers of the airport screening experience didn’t need to be a stern lecture and boring monotone video.


To lighten up the airport security experience, Glacier Park International Airport’s Director, Cindi Martin, asked a local band, the Singing Sons of Beaches, to create a light hearted song and video to be played in the airport informing passengers of what was not allowed through security and what to expect during their Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screening experience.


A head nod has to go out to travel journalist Harriet Baskas who wrote about this today in her regular Overhead Bin column on You can follow Harriet on Twitter at @hbaskas


Kick back, place your tray table in the down position, put your on your headsets so you don’t disturb your seat mates and prepare to finally laugh at the rules of passing through a TSA security checkpoint.


Happy Flying!

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