Alaska’s Fresh Salmon-Thirty-Salmon In Sky

For years my favorite aircraft paint-job has been flying on an Alaska Airlines’ Boeing 737-490, the livery know as the Salmon-Thirty-Salmon took to the skies in October 2005. The Salmon-Thirty-Salmon, pained in support of the Alaskan Seafood Industry depicts a realistic image of s salmon from nose to tail.


Now, earlier this month, seven years after the original Salmon-Thirty-Salmon flew, Alaska Airlines has launched a new 91,300lbs, 129 foot 6 inch flying fish. The new Salmon-Thirty-Salmon II, has transformed the body and tail of N559AS, a Boeing 737-890, into the worlds largest Alaskan King Salmon.


This aircraft is sure to become my new favourite aircraft livery in the skies!


Watch the new Salmon-Thirty-Salmon II get its wings below.


Happy Flying!




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