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Are Americans The Most Annoying Travelers? Recent Survey Says Yes!

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24/11/2008 – Are Americans The Most Annoying Travelers? Recent Survey Says Yes!

Having just read a recent survey of 8,931 travelers, by TripAdvisor.com, that says 18% of those surveyed see Americans as the most annoying travellers in the word, I’m not sure if I am offended, or if I agree.

I tend to want to agree, having watched Americans around the world, however I am an American traveller so I want to be offended.

Putting my personal opinions aside, I found the survey quite interesting. I happen to agree with much of the survey, although I can’t fathom how Emiratees even made the Top 10 list. Of all the travelers around the world I have watched, while traveling around the world, I can think of quite a few nationalities of travellers who far surpass Emiratee travellers for the Top 10 List.

Below is the break down TripAdvisor.com‘s Top 10 Most Annoying Travellers

#01 – Americans @ 18%
#02 – French @ 12%
#03 – Germans @ 10%
#04 – British @ 6%
#05 – Chinese @ 6%
#06 – Russians @ 5%
#07 – Japanese @ 5%
#08 – Italians @ 5%
#09 – Indians @ 2%
#10 – Emiratees @1%

If you find this list accurate let me know. If you find this list offensive, e-mail TripAdvisor.com directly…..I have nothing to do with this survey.

Happy Flying!

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