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Taking To The Skies For Thanksgiving? Checkout AeroChannel.com

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24/11/2008 – Taking To The Skies For Thanksgiving? Checkout AeroChannel.com

Will you be one of the 4,500,000 people taking to the skies this coming Thanksgiving Weekend? If you are, be sure to track your travel with AeroChannel.com

AeroChannel’s complete airport information, including traffic, parking, check-in times, security wait times and gate information, creates a simple web site solution for travelers throughout the United States. When traveling most travelers must check multiple web sites to access this information, while AeroChannel keeps all the info in one user-friendly location online.

Away from your laptop and searching AeroChannel from your mobile phone? No problem, visit www.aero2go.com

For travelers who’d like simple updates being sent to their mobile devices, AeroChannel also offers user-friendly options such “Keep Me Updated.” This feature allows you to look up information and have updated information sent to you as it becomes available.

So before you hear out to the airport to catch your flight, or pick up people up at the airport head on over to www.aerochannel.com from your computer or www.aero2go.com from your mobile phone.

Have A Happy Thanksgiving & Happy Flying!

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