Aviation Security … The Archie Bunker Viewpoint

First off … if you don’t know who Archie Bunker is this post may not make any sense to you … that said, given that I was born in June 1975, I am reaching back into the brilliance of Archie Bunkerisms that pre-date my own existence by nearly three years.


In the early 1970s commercial aviation was filled with hijackings. Between January 1, 1970 (When a Cruzeiro flight between Montevideo to Rio de Janeiro was hijacked) and September 16 1972 when All In The Family aired “Archie and the Editorial” there were 20 commercial airline hijackings, 9 of which involved U.S. airlines.   Given the heightened tension regarding aviation security the public wanted solutions for staying safe in the skies … much like today.


Unlike today, there was no mandatory passenger screening when “Archie and the Editorial” aired. Passenger screening did not become mandatory until the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) implemented it at U.S. airports in 1973.


So … now that airlines around the world face unruly passengers, drunk passengers and civility on many flights seems to have gone the way of Braniff, British Caledonian and Mexicana … maybe it is time to remember Archie Bunker’s view on gun control for airline passengers.


Happy Flying!



(for those with no humor, All In The Family is written in a tongue-in-cheek manner)



  1. Classic Archie Bunker. I’ve used this clip in several aviation security courses conducted for commercial pilots. It always gets a reaction.

  2. Now imagine this: A re-rebuttal delivered by Meathead (that’s Archie’s parasite son-in-law, Rob Reiner) arguing for the exact opposite.

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