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China Airlines Reduces Its Carbon Footprint In A Unique Way

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10/10/2008 – China Airlines Reduces Its Carbon Footprint In A Unique Way

Flying With Fish has frequently discussed ways for travelers to reduce their carbon footprint. From purchasing carbon offsets to choosing smaller rental cars, Flying With Fish is an avid supporter of the reduction of a traveler’s carbon footprint.

So what has China Airlines to reduce their carbon footprint? China Airlines has partnered with MOS Burger to create an in-flight menu containing hamburgers comprised of rice, rather than beef. These new burgers include the Burdock Chicken Rice Burger, Pork Rice Burger and the Vegetarian Burdock Rice Burger.

The new rice based burgers reduce the overall carbon footprint in a number of ways. The largest factor is the reduction in beef, with beef cattle producing a significant amount of the world’s methane (methane is a leading problem with the effects of green house gases). In addition to the reduction of a dependence on beef cattle, the harvesting and delivery of rice requires a reduced use of trucking & transport. With the rice often being delivered over a shorter distance than the beef, requiring less vehicle emissions.

This new in-flight menu was design specifically for China Airlines by MOS Burger to work with the Airlines to not only promote their global efforts to reduce carbon emissions, but also allow the Airline to work with natural ingredients and local agricultural resources. By working with natural ingredients the Airline can both offer its passengers a healthier in-flight dining choice and support its local economy.

The new menu should be taking flight in the near future and will be available on selected long-haul routes.

Overall this is a smartly executed concept that will hopefully prompt other airlines to follow China Airlines’ lead.

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