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iPhone ‘App’ Of The Week : Lightsaber

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9/10/2008 – iPhone ‘App’ Of The Week : Lightsaber

This week’s iPhone ‘App’ Of The Week comes from a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far, away………and it has absolutely nothing to do with photography or travel. In fact if I was pressed to come up with a useful application for this ‘App’ I could only say that it will bring a little joy to your life and that it might quench some boredom during long layovers.

Lightsaber is just what you think it is. This iPhone ‘App’ turns your iPhone into a Star Wars lightsaber. Five of the six Star Wars films have kept me company through countless flights (I am not a fan of one of the movies). I have watched Star Wars DVDs during long layovers on three continents, one sub-continent.

At one point in my office at my former magazine, where I served as the Director of Photography, I had six senior editors and my daughter crammed in my office (that at best should only accommodate two people) watching the original Star Wars film in its entirety.

………….maybe there is a tie between travel, photography and Star Wars for me!

What can Lightsaber do for you? You can pick your Star Wars character (this ‘App’ only primarily has unknown characters), flip on some ‘App’ supplied Star Wars theme music, fire up your lightsaber and have a lightsaber dual with a fellow iPhone user (or if you are really tired and delirious from jet lagged you can battle with no one….. who am I kidding I battle with no one all the time). As you move your lightsaber your iPhone gives off the familiar humming sound of a Star Wars light saber, when you strike something your iPhone emits the familiar clashing sound of a lightsaber.

My lightsaber never comes off of Darth Vader. Let’s face it; there are few characters in the history of cinema that are nearly as cool of Darth Vader.

I think everyone should download Lightsaber. Even if you’re not a Star Wars fanatic this is just a fun ‘App.’ Have two iPhones in your house? Friends have iPhones? Have them download Lightsaber as well and enjoy a friendly dual.

Below are five photos of the Lightsaber ‘App’ on my iPhone.

Happy Flying (in a galaxy far far away………)!
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a screen shot of a phone
a video game cover with a man holding a weapon
a device with a star wars image
a red and white light saber
a red and white striped object


  1. You have to tell us which movie is the stinker. You can’t leave a big ole hanging curve ball out there like that.

  2. Rikk,

    The Star Wars movie I don’t carry with me to keep me company on flights is Star Wars Episode I. This segment of the Star Wars saga just does not hold my attention the way a Star Wars movie should hold my attention. I also can’t stand Jar Jar Binks.

    Of course for marathon Star Was movie viewings I do watch Episode I as it is the start of the story. It sets up the rest of the story line from start to finish.

    Happy Flying!


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