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Choosing A Frequent Flyer Program : Help A Photographer Maximize His Miles

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15/09/2008 – Choosing A Frequent Flyer Program : Help A Photographer Maximize His Miles

Choosing a frequent flyer program can be challenging. There are many factors in choosing the best programs for each individual person. Many infrequent flyers only focus on “If fly airline X and want to earn free flights on airline X.” Others focus on upgrades or other perks.

In the scheme of how frequent flyer programs work, and the current devalued state of the programs, sometimes looking at airlines other than the ones you fly may be the best choice. My choices are unconventional, but they allow me to fly who I want while matching my earned miles to a better earnings and rewards scheme.

In this post I am going to let the readers of Flying With Fish voice their collective opinion on choosing a frequent flyer program for a Phoenix based freelance photographer. My buddy Mark Rebilas is looking for a new home to park his miles.

While Phoenix Sky Harbor (PHX) is a major hub for US Airways, the current value of the US Airways’ Dividend Miles program is not a viable program for most flyers. There is the obvious answer of putting Mark’s miles and segments into United’s Mileage Plus program, but are there better Star Alliance options than United for Mark’s needs? Mark also uses Southwest Airlines for some routes, and has been adding some miles to the Delta SkyMiles program.

In an effort to maximize Mark’s travel experience, as primarily an editorial sports photographer, I’d like to see him get more for his ‘Butt-in-Seat’ (BIS) experience. Flying approximately 90,000 miles a year, with an average of 60 segments per year, he is more likely to get more for his miles than his segments, which still leaves this question……….

What is the best program for Mark?

I know what my answers for Mark are, but I would love it if the readers of Flying With Fish would voice their opinions! Don’t be shy; let me know what you think.

Have an opinion? Either comment here or if you prefer drop me an e-mail at fish@flyingwithfish.com

Need more information on Mark’s flying habits? Drop by Mark’s blog at www.markjrebilas.com/blog , and drop him an e-mail.

Want to know what my suggestions for Mark are? I won’t withhold my answers, but you’ll need to check back next week for my detailed response!

Happy Flying!

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