CONTEST! : Win A Free Mountainsmith Amp

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17/11/2008 – CONTEST! : Win A Free Mountainsmith Amp

A little less than two weeks ago I wrote about the Mountainsmith Amp mobile phone holster. In this post on Flying With Fish I also mentioned my plans to stockpile a few Amps, because they are scheduled to be removed from the product line in the near future.

Since I have loved using the Mountainsmith Amp with both my iPhone and my Motorola Razr, I’ve decided to give a brand spanking new Amp away. This give away is from Flying With Fish, not Mountainsmith (although they are welcome to kick in a few extras if they feel like it). Why am I giving one of mine away? Because I’m sure whoever gets the Amp will love it also both at home and on the road.

The contest to receive the Mountainsmith Amp is simple…..in two parts

Part 1: You must correctly answer this question – What is the name ‘Qantas’ an acronym for? (Careful, two websites that pop up when you Google this answer have the incorrect answer). Those who have submitted the correct answer will have their names entered into random drawing two days from now, on the evening of Wednesday November 19th.

Part 2: As a bonus question, the first reader of Flying With Fish who can correctly tell me the colours that Pan Am used to print their “Press Luggage” tags in the 1950 and 1960s, you’ll jump the line and automatically win the Mountainsmith Amp.

…..here is a hint, the ‘Press Luggage’ tags were marked as “Clipper Cargo”

Have the answers? Drop me an e-mail at fish@flyingwithfish.com

For more info on the Mountainsmith Amp, read this post :
6/11/2008 – Mountainsmith Amp : A Phone Holster For People On The Run

Happy Flying!

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