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Euro-Hop Travel Photography Boot Camp Details Announced!

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17/11/2008 – Euro-Hop Travel Photography Boot Camp Details Announced!

Photographers dream of seeing the world through their lens. Being a photographer on the road is exciting, it is an adventure. Traveling as a photographer is also a challenge!

The Euro-Hop Boot Camp transforms your excitement and sense of adventure as a photographer into a hand on, in-the-field, learning experience. This Boot Camp will maximize your knowledge, and further your skills as both a photographer and a traveller on the road.

Few places on Earth can rival Europe’s history, architecture and proximity of world class cities. Europe is the perfect location to learn how to travel effectively, moving through a new historic city, in five different countries, in five consecutive days.

The Euro-Hop Boot Camp is designed to teach photographers of all skill levels a wide range of skills for traveling as a photographer. Going into this Boot Camp there will be significant challenges to overcome.

Due to the pace of travel,participants may only bring what they can carry on their back while shooting. There will be no checked luggage, and immediately upon arrival in each city we’ll head straight into the city to begin shooting. While working on the ground there will be language barriers and jet lag issues that must be overcome. Throughout the Boot Camp everyone will learn to work outside of their personal comfort zone, to relax, open their eyes, and embrace the challenges that await them.

Your instruction will begin long before we board the first flight. Prior to our departure each participant will receive personal instruction on packing, gear selection, and overcoming the obstacles that wait for them during the Euro-Hop Boot Camp.

All participants in the Get Up & Fly Boot Camp will receive a Mountainsmith bag, selected by Fish, courtesy of Mountainsmith.

— When is the Boot Camp?

The Euro-Hop Boot Camp is scheduled to depart the evening of February 7th and return on the afternoon of February 13th.

— Where does the Euro-Hop Boot Camp depart from and return to?

The Euro-Hop Boot Camp will depart from and return to New York’s JFK International Airport

— Where are we headed? Is there an itinerary?

The following is the current scheduled travel & shooting itinerary:

February 7th – Depart New York’s JFK International Airport for Amsterdam
February 8th – Amsterdam
February 9th – Stockholm
February 10th – Frankfurt
February 11th – Prague
February 12th – Paris
February 13th – Depart Paris for New York’s JFK International Airport
(any city may be swapped for a different city due to airline schedule changes)

— What does the Euro-Hop Boot Camp cost?

The cost of the Euro-Hop Boot Camp is US$3,500.

The US$3,500 cost includes round trip airfare between New York-&-Amsterdam/Paris-&-New York; all intra-Europe flights, additionally all taxes associated with air travel are included this fee. Travel is expected to be on SkyTeam Alliance airlines, however this is subject to change due to flight schedules.

— Are food and lodging covered in this cost?

Lodging is not covered and food are not covered. Once there is a final head count, tourist class hotels will be booked and split between 2 or 3 participants per room. A rough estimate will be US$100 per night for lodging.

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Happy Flying!

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