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Contest Winner Of The Mountainsmith Amp

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20/11/2008 – Contest Winner Of The Mountainsmith Amp

On Monday, the 17th of November, Flying With Fish began a three-day contest to win a Mountainsmith Amp mobile phone holster.

This contest was in two parts.

The first part asked those who entered to answer what the Acronym ‘Qantas‘ stood for. Nearly everyone who answered got this question correct, however six people did manage to find the incorrect answer through using search engines.

The correct answer is: Queensland And Northern Territory Aerial Services Ltd.

The second part of the contest was a Bonus Question. This Bonus Question allowed for the first person to properly answer what colours Pan Am used to print the airline’s Clipper Cargo ‘Press Luggage’ tags would automatically win the contest.

Not one person got the Bonus Question correct. Some people were in the ballpark. Most people responded with ‘blue & white’ and one person answered the following.

“My guess is that the Clipper Cargo tags used some of the following colors, blue, white, black, green, yellow, orange, red, purple”

While this answer was tossed out, the answer did have the three colours used to make up the Pan Am tags.

So what is the correct answer? The Pan Am Cargo Clipper ‘Press Luggage’ tags are Red, Black & White.

……….so who wins the Mountainsmith Amp mobile phone holster?

The winner is Michael Kramer of the Red Tail Arabian’s horse farm. Michael won by a random drawing, however as chance would have it, Michael had the closest answer for the Pan Am tags.

Below is a photo of my Pan Am Clipper Cargo “Press” tag for luggage. The tag is circa September 1965.

Happy Flying!
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