Dear Dr. Rosenberg, Jetblue Didn’t Throw You Off For Being Jewish, They Threw You Off For Being Racist … NEXT

A week ago, on the 7th of July, as Jetblue Flight 454 prepared to depart from Gate C12, at West Palm Beach International Airport, a conflict arose between Lisa Rosenberg, M.D., a Jewish doctor from New York, seated in seat 7E and woman identified as a Palestinian in seat 9C.

On the 10th of July the Palm Beach Post published “Woman kicked off plane at PBIA after argument about Israel conflict “ in which the article states that that Dr. Rosenberg stated the Palestinian woman in seat 9C used racial slurs, threatened her daughter and Dr. Rosenberg is quoted as saying the incident was an “ugly, racially driven altercation” and that she “was completely outraged that I would be asked to leave a plane, being a Jew” …

 … however …

… prior to Dr. Rosenberg’s statements to the Palm Beach Post the Jetblue flight attendant at the center of this incident filed her report that tells a much different story of the events as they unfolded on board Flight 454.

The initial internal report and final internal reports, both filed prior to the Palm Beach Post story, which I have been able to read in their entirely, and then verify, both squarely paint Dr. Rosenberg as the sole instigator of the events on board Flight 454. Furthermore both internal reports of the incident clearly lay out Dr. Rosenberg as the person who was in the midst of spewing hateful comments towards the Palestinian passenger in seat 9C, not vise versa.

The flight attendant’s reports states that the passengers in seats 12C and 11A were gesturing for her to quickly come to the front of the cabin during the boarding process, and began pleading with her to calm the situation between Dr. Rosenberg in seat 7E and the Palestinian woman in 9C.

The official internal report goes on to state that the flight attendant witnessed Dr. Rosenberg accuse the woman in 9C of being a “Palestinian murderer” and that “ her people are all murders and that they murder children,” while Dr. Rosenberg was attempting move through the cabin and position herself physically closer to the woman in Seat 9C.

Additional passengers on board Flight 454 continued to express concern for the their safety as Dr. Rosenberg continued to rant, even after being instructed by the flight attendant to cease her engagement with the woman in seat 9C, at which time the cabin crew requested a Complaint Resolution Official from the airline be contacted to board the aircraft, and Dr. Rosenberg was informed of FAM 2-13, G PROHIBITION OF DISCRIMINATION, G.1 Race, Creed, or Colour, which says ” JetBlue provides equal service to all passengers regardless of race,creed, or colour.” 

The official internal reports go on to state Dr. Rosenberg continued to openly verbalize offensive and inappropriate language while ranting about Gaza and the Palestinians.

Upon arrival of Jetblue’s Complaint Resolution Official the crew, including the Captain, needed to make a determination regarding regulation FAM 7-4, A.3.1 On The Ground, which lays out whether of not the removal of a passenger in necessary for the reasonable safety and comfort of other passengers.

As the Complaint Resolution Official began to speak directly with Dr. Rosenberg, she began to not only continue to verbally attack the woman in seat 9C, but openly imply that the woman had explosives in her bag and intended to blow up the aircraft in flight.

At this time Dr. Rosenberg launched in to a familiar rant flight attendant are accustomed to, threatening to make sure the flight attendant would be fired as she was removed from the aircraft and met on the jetway by officers from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Department. 

… through all of this, Jetblue Flight 454 managed to push off the gate only four minutes late and arrive at New York’s JFK International Airport’s Terminal 5 Gate 25 10 minutes early.

Now … of course the moral of this story is this … and I say this as a Jewish guy from New York … folks … we’re all in it together.

You cannot judge someone by their religion or their nationality and people need to stop blaming religious persecution for being removed from flights when in fact they were removed based upon their own actions.   Jetblue’s internal reports lay out an exceptionally detailed accounting of the incident, with multiple witnesses to the incident and it would seem by all accounts Dr. Lisa Rosenberg, M.D., was out of line and spewing all the hate towards one passenger.  When a passenger is verbally abusive towards others on the aircraft and proceeds to position themselves physically closer to a person they have picked a fight with, they should be removed from the aircraft. This is not a religious or racial issue; this is a safety and security issue.

Happy Flying … except Dr. Rosenberg, may I suggest renting a car and driving by yourself next time.



  1. What’s the matter Fish?

    Afraid of that big mouth bleached blonde shysterblogger Schlussel.

  2. Claire,

    Based on multiple crew reports, having spoken with a Jetblue ground staffer based at PBI and other information, no one heard or witnessed any such interaction from the woman in 9C towards Dr. Rosenberg. So I am not taking the word of the woman in 9C, I am taking the words of multiple unrelated people who are not affiliated with either the woman in 9C or Dr. Rosenberg, and the Jetblue official reports were all filed prior to the story being released by the Palm Beach Post.

    Happy Flying!


  3. Fish, you are either lying or clueless. I am sure Rosenberg should have been thrown off the plane. Witness reports are useless. Nobody ever sees the first act. Just like in a sporting event, the first foul never gets a flag. Rosenberg is certainly wrong, but the odds that this was not due to the other woman reacting to the phone conversation, which was none of her business to begin with, is probably near zero. So, please stop lying here and admit that you cannot possibly have the whole story. It is entirely b possible that the Arab woman should not have been thrown off if v she b listened to the crew and backed down. I agree with that. But you are falsely and b dangerously making things up and b placing all the blame on the person who did not start the conflagration.

  4. Steve,

    The fact of the matter is this. Dr. Rosenberg was removed from the flight because she alone failed to obey direct instructions from the flight attendant and then the complaint resolution official. Dr. Rosenberg alone than made statements on board an aircraft regarding a bomb being on board and followed that statement that the aircraft would be blown up.

    Dr. Rosenberg’s actions and statements required that she be removed from the aircraft for the safety, comfort and security of other people on board. Given she made unfounded statements regarding both an explosive being on board and of the aircraft being blown up she should have been met and questioned by the JTTF. She got off easy with a simple escort out by the PBSO.

    I’ll tell you what I tell my kids, if someone says something to you, especially someone you don’t know and has no impact on your life, keep your mouth shut and just keep walking. Its not worth the stress.

    Happy Flying!


  5. Instead of implying I said I wrote something that I didn’t, why don’t you just admit that you are acting as judge, jury and hangman without any evidence. Like I said above, of you bothered to read it, Rosenberg probably deserved to get thrown off and if the Arsb woman listened to the v crew, they may have been justified in not removing her from the plane. What I an saying is to stop lying about the witness stuff. Nobody sees the first act. Rosenberg was almost certainly provoked. That does not change whether or not sure should have been removed. Bit you continue to lie and commit character assassination by implying that the doctor went crazy for no n reason at all. Do not be stupid and do not lie. Admit that there is no way to know what happened, that most likely the Arab woman said something like the Zionist pig statement, and leave it be. Either that, or continue to lie and prove that you are a fool and a pawn for anti-semites.

  6. Fish,

    If you don’t mind, I’d like for you to take a moment and respond to Danny’s comment (21). you seemed to have missed it along with Mary’s (34).

    Thank you for providing a platform for a great discussion. More interested in the comments than the report 😉

  7. swp,

    You, like Dr. Rosenberg, are mistaken about there being nobody to witness the “first act.” Myles Kobren, the person on the phone with Rosenberg, was able to hear the beginning of the conversation between Dr. Rosenberg and the woman in 9C *BEFORE* the phone disconnected. Kobren’s account to the media proves Dr. Rosenberg lied about being provoked by being called a Zionist pig. He heard the woman in 9C say she found Rosenberg’s comments offensive right after she identified herself as Palestinian.

    But Kobren’s account contradicts Rosenberg’s story. Dr. Rosenberg claimed the woman in 9C started cursing and said “Zionist pig. This is only the beginning” right after identifying herself as Palestinian.

    Remember that Kobren is Dr. Rosenberg’s friend. If he were biased, it would be in favor of Rosenberg. So the fact that his account contradicts Rosenberg’s is damning. His account actually lines up with the Palestinian woman’s account, so we know that the Palestinian woman told the truth and that Rosenberg was lying.

    Dr. Rosenberg told the media the Palestinian passenger approached her *AFTER* the phone disconnected. This mistake explains why she thought she could get away with lying about being cursed at and called a “Zionist pig.” She didn’t realize that her friend Kobren was still on the phone and there to witness the real conversation. Had Rosenberg known he was listening, she would have been more careful with her lies.

    So Rosenberg lied about being cursed at and called a “Zionist pig.” In reality, she was just told that her comments were offensive. If she were legitimately provoked by the Palestinian passenger, she wouldn’t have had to fabricate anything. She would have been able to tell the truth and it would have lined up with Kobren’s account.

  8. The NY Daily News is reporting that the
    Palestinian woman reacted to a private
    phone call of the Dr., where the Dr.
    praised Israel for its response to the
    Palestinian rockets. Now, either the
    NY Daily News is lying and an incompetent
    journalistic source, with fake sources, or
    you are incompetent as a journalist and a
    Jew. Seems anyone can post anything on
    your blog just by typing in a little box.
    You are a fool.

  9. Dear Chayim Yankel,

    As far as I know, I am the only person outside of Jetblue to see the internal crew reports, and I am the only one to speak with an airline ground staffer from PBI. Now, if you wanted to call Jetblue they will verify everything I have written on this blog regarding this incident.

    Also … with a name like Chayim Yankel it is clearly obvious why you sound like a yutz.

    Happy Flying!


  10. Steve, it’s ironic that you get notoriety out of this story while the media whores Rosenberg and Schlussel LLC. are exposed like rotting dead fish.
    Israel and the IDF have enough problems rooting out the vermin in their
    tunnels, and can do without meshuganas like these two, giving Jews bad press.

  11. Jay,

    I don’t believe I got any notoriety out of this story, I am covering a story I would have normally covered. I’d rather get the larger audiences for the more important stories that I cover on aviation security. In the scheme of things and what is going on in the world in which I cover, this story is a blip and I can’t believe it really gained any traction.

    Happy Flying!


  12. That makes no sense at all. Calls disconnect or they don’t. He did not hear because it happened after. The b question anyway is b what did v Rosenberg say that v hit the other woman upset. If she was v praising Israel for its handling of the horrible murder of the Arab ten, and comparing it to the animals killing the Israeli boys, then unless the Arsb woman wanted to praise Israel too, she was of base. And if b she did not like the restrained and totally humane Israeli actions in Gaza, then she is a piece of garbage. That does not make Rosenberg’s behavior acceptable, by I am not sure why I should even believe a word u have written since you keep pulling a fact one at a time as you need to invent them. Please remember, I believe the woman should have been thrown off, but I don’t n understand your need for b character assassination.

  13. Steve,

    I have no idea what you are talking about. At what point did I get involved in character assassination?

    Happy Flying!


  14. Steve,

    If Dr. Rosenberg would spend her time, examining knish, instead of
    having a volatile public conversation amongst airline passengers, she
    wouldn’t be portrayed and treated as the putz that she is.

  15. Fish,

    Please read my previous comment (107), which Steve was referring to.


    It makes perfect sense. The call disconnected, but *AFTER* the passenger in 9C said “I’m Palestinian and am offended by your racist comments.” Rosenberg’s friend on the phone, Myles Kobren, confirms this is what happened.

    According to Rosenberg, the passenger in 9C said “I’m a Palestinian. Zionist pig, this is just the beginning.” So we know Rosenberg was lying to the media about being called a Zionist pig. She thought she could get away with her lie because she thought that the Palestinian passenger approached her after the phone call disconnected. She didn’t realize that Kobren could still hear what the Palestinian passenger actually said.

    Here’s my source for Rosenberg’s belief that the phone had already disconnected and her claim that the Palestinian passenger said “I’m a Palestinian. Zionist pig, this is just the beginning”:

    She herself told the media, so I didn’t invent any facts there.

    And here’s my source for Kobren hearing what the Palestinian passenger actually said before the phone disconnected:

    He himself told the media, so I didn’t invent any facts there either.

    Kobren is Rosenberg’s friend, not the Palestinian passenger’s. If he were biased, he would have lied to benefit Rosenberg and himself. But his account lines up with the Palestinian passenger’s account. So we know the Palestinian passenger told the truth and that Dr. Rosenberg lied.

    So Dr. Rosenberg was the one who invented facts and needed to use character assassination.

  16. I am not saying I support Rosenberg here, but since this is a flying blog, we might ask, in the history of passenger air travel, how many aircraft have been brought down by Zionists? How many have been brought down by Islamists and other random Palestinian sympathizers? I don’t “have anything against” Palestinians and their friends, except for all the airplanes they bring down. I would have definitely kicked Rosenberg off the flight, but Jetblue ought to be a little more sensitive to their customer base on the Palm Beach to JFK flight.

  17. Well, you just called her a putz. And if v some moron has a problem with truth, that is their problem. If Rosenberg was merely saying that Hamas are animals. That the joy over the murder of the Israeli boys was disgusting and that Israel had been exemplary recently, then if the other woman had a problem, then she v was clearly as much of an idiot as anybody. If c somebody complained about my having a conversation like that ib would tell them to take a long walk on a short pier and would have called her out as being a blind idiot, or an anti Semite. I just would not have gotten myself thrown off a plane. I am a moderate to liberal, but I have no patience for anybody that supports that animals that are the true cause of every single death in Gaza, Hamas.

  18. Steve, I hope the IDF roots out every member of Hamas and their enablers and sends them to the darkest place in Hell.
    But, as a matter of course, when in the civilized, para-military confines of an airline, don’t you think it would be wise to keep your opinions out of the earshot of others when they are indiscreet and may inflame.
    The loudmouth should have kept her pig lips closed, end of story.

  19. Just Google the doctor and read her reviews yourself. She should even be barred from practicing medicine.

  20. In short, no. Not if what she v said was reasonable. I take public transportation ask the time and discuss similar items and I know people disagree. The v only time anybody had said anything to me was if that agree. And I have heard people say very controversial things and never heard responses, but see people unhappy. So as you have now proven. It was the other woman who started, eben if Rosenberg’s response was wrong. Thanks for helping me prove you have been totally biased. Calling Rosenberg a pig helps to.

  21. Everyone should read the highly interesting comments here, especially the ones by Flying Fish, Vickie and Danny. The care with which Danny defends Vickie against Flyfish is pretty amazing; we should suspect he is a lawyer dispatched to this site by hasbara central to take down Flying Fish, who had the temerity to defend the Palestinian passenger. In a few lines, Flying Fish dismantled the argument and revealed the motivations of Vicky, who claims to be a personal friend of Dr. Rosenberg [more likely Dr. Rosenberg herself, maybe Danny is her husband?]

    Danny tries to distract our attention from the real argument by knocking over the straw man he constructs, in which the Palestinian said nothing to the Jewish woman to initiate the confrontation. He does this to damage the credibility of Flying Fish, and to set up his next premise, that whatever was said to the Jewish woman by the Palestinian woman was so disturbing that the Jewish woman experienced a kind of momentary PTSD and is not responsible for the utterances next to come out of her mouth.

    What a slick, venal operation defenders of zionism maintain, patroling the internet to identify and ameliorate events they deem Bad for the Jews. But the cumulative action of these episodes in the global community’s conciousness must express itself (see:Kristalnacht)

    Hang on, folks. It appears the chosen folk have acheived the penultimate stage in their recurring psychodrama. Their cultural conditioning has predisposed them to spontaneously organize world-killing events that reset our civilization, clearing the way for the next epoch. The rest of are here just to watch their movie and pick up the pieces when it all goes to shit.

  22. RE: # 34 Mary…”So many Zionist trolls on this post! How much does the Israeli government pay you trolls to spread your propaganda, hmm? Or do you do it out of loyalty and duty to your illegal apartheid state? Well, keep trolling, the world -Jews and gentiles alike, are opening their eyes and seeing Israel for the war criminal she is!

    This story could be about the Israeli’s setting up Field Hospitals for the Palestinians who are injured…it wouldn’t matter…the Racist’s like Mary crawl out of their Rat Holes and drop their sheets for a minute…just long enough to spew some pea soup out!!!

  23. Well, well, well, what has come home to roost? I have zero sympathy for liberal Jews, and non-Jews, who have created this monster. Stop complaining and bask in the liberal utopia you have created.

  24. One thing interests me. If Dr Rosenberg was berated/threatened for being Jewish before losing her cool, how did a passenger sitting 2 rows away know that? Apart from the occasional wig (in itself hardly unique to Jewish women) I can’t think of any obvious way to differentiate her as a Jew. Unlike many Moslem women (not all), Jewish women do not wear easily recognisable clothing, do they?

  25. Yes, Martin, sorry to make you dissapointed, but the jewish women, not all of them, do wear easily recognisable clothing as well symbols.

  26. @Flying Fish,

    I don’t know how you have the patience to respond to all the trolls as well as you do. Well done.

    The great irony here is all those accusing you of “not having all the information” (despite the fact that you clearly have more than anyone) are so gleefully prepared to speculate on matters they have zero information about at all.

    Well done for writing an open, honest assessment of the available information and for arriving at a fair and balanced conclusion.

    Shame on everyone who insists on still leaping to prejudiced conclusions despite having actual contrary facts (or at the very least information that should wake you up and make you actually think) placed right in front of your noses.

    As the guy said in the last line of his original report: “This is not a religious or racial issue; this is a safety and security issue.”

    One person and one person only was a threat to safety and security. That person was removed from the plane. END OFF.

  27. I’ve read on the Internet the comments left by the patients of “Dr.” Rosenberg (probably she’s just a quack), and she seems like a horrendous human being.

    The worst is that the ZIonist quack was extremely offensive to the Palestinian lady, and she says she was thrown out the plane “because she was a Jew.” Excuse me? She was thrown out for obvious reasons, and it doesn’t matter if she’s a Jew or a Martian.

    But she seems to have learned well the Israeli propaganda: you just say they’re anti-semite and you’ll win. I’m very sorry for the Palestinian men and women, they have to stand this crazy Zionist people, be stolen and killed in cold blood… and when they rise up against the injustice, then are called terrorists. Israel and its supporters are evil.

  28. Hi all,
    Fish-I’m a long time reader of your blog being an aviation geek-I often wind up here in my travels about the internets.
    If everyone could take a deep breath and google up this Dr Lisa Rosenberg and check out the reviews(many of them posted PRIOR to this incident) you will be able to read those reviews and draw an interesting conclusion. Patients report her to be rude, arrogant, uncaring, late, uncomfortable and many other less than appealing things. My personal moral and religious views aside(I’m all for Israel defending itself against its enemies who wish to ‘wipe it off the map’) in this case-based on my research of Dr. Rosenberg, I’m coming down on the side of JetBlue who I believe to have been the victims of the Dr. pulling the racism card by calling the press and slandering JetBlue. I implore you all that feel so strongly about this and are hating on JetBlue to do some research on what the Dr is like-her abrasive “bedside manner” seems to have carried right on over to this incident. Fly Blue!

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