Delta Works To Trademark “The World’s Most Trusted Airline”

Airlines, like all businesses, are protective of their image and work hard to promote their business, however Delta Air Lines may have recently taken marketing chutzpah to a whole new level.

Delta Air Lines is planning a new marketing campaign around the slogan “The World’s Most Trusted Airlines.” The new slogan poses some significant trust issues … on what basis is Delta saying they are the world’s most trusted airline?

Delta Air Lines is not winning JD Powers awards

Delta Air Lines is not topping the list with SkyTrax

Delta Air Lines is not the most on time airline

Delta Air Lines is not the safest airline

Delta Air Lines is not winning Freddie Awards

Delta Air Lines doesn’t have the lowest numbers for separated luggage

Delta Air Lines been named the Most Admired Company for the Airline Industry three times in four years by Fortune Magazine, but let us not confuse Admired and Trusted. Fortune has selected Delta Air Lines because of the airline’s financial strategies and business success. Delta should absolutely be admired for its business success … but does that make it “The World’s Most Trusted Airline”?  No.

While Delta is among the largest airlines in the world, with a massive global network, its brand recognition outside of the United States is lacking, even in foreign destinations it serves. When British Airways chose the slogan “The World’s Favourite Airline” in 1989 the airline had substantial global brand recognition, and it is a slogan people still associate with the airline, despite it being dropped in 2001.   In order for Delta Air Lines to use “The World’s Most … “ anything, it must first achieve real global brand recognition, something it has yet to do.

We can all debate who the most trusted airline in the world is, but some of those airlines that come to mind are not global airlines, so it is impossible for any airline to not only adopt the slogan of “The World’s Most Trusted Airline” much less live up to that hype.

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