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Do You Know Your Carbon Foot Print When You Fly?

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05/12/2008 – Do You Know Your Carbon Foot Print When You Fly?

You’ve made your travel plans, you’ve spent hours searching online for your new camera bag and are eyeing a new lens for your trip, but do you know what your the environmental impact of your flights are?

Most flyers don’t seek out flights based on specified aircraft to reduce their carbon footprint, such as choosing regional routes serviced by a turbo prop rather than a regional jet, or a long haul routes flown by A330s rather than 767s, but regardless of what you fly, you’ll leave a carbon footprint behind.

Before you set foot on your next flight calculate your flight emissions and consider an invest me of usually under US$20 and purchase carbon offsets.   How can you find your flight emissions?  By visiting www.terrapass.com/carbon-footprint-calculator/#air

Once on this site, simply answer a few questions and find out what your impact is, then help keep our environment clean and safe with carbon offsets.

One of my most common routes is New Haven (HVN) to San Francisco (SFO).  This trip, with one stop in Philadelphia (PHL) is approximately 5,230 miles, and produces 2,490lbs of CO2.  To offset the 2,490lbs of CO2 I simply purchase a carbon-offset equal to 3,000lbs of CO2 for US$17.85.

This $17.85 goes towards the creation of, sustaining of, and maintaining of clean energy. Some of this money also goes towards the regrowth of trees and other actions to reduce the environmental impact of travel.

With the ability to help preserve our environment, for such a minimal cost, we can continue to enjoy the one planet we all share.

Now, go buy the carbon offsets for your trip, pick out the new lens you want to use to explore the world…….and go fly.

Happy Flying!

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