Do You Need Help Flying Home For The Holidays? Maybe Peter Shankman Can Help

Peter Shankman is well known for his social media presence, the books he writes, being a public speaker, founding HARO, sky diving, speaking almost as quickly as I do … and really for being a genuinely nice guy.


When you get beneath the public persona of many genuinely nice people they aren’t so genuine, but Peter is … so how does a genuinely nice guy help others?  Well Peter racks up hundreds of thousands of miles each year flying for work and rather than burn the miles on himself, he is doing something else … sending people who cannot afford to fly home of the holidays home for the holidays, with the help of other frequent flyers.


As of now Peter has set aside enough frequent flyer miles to send nine deserving people home within the United States.    The offer on Peter’s blog is simple,


Do you live in the US and far from your family or friends? Are you bummed you can’t get home to see them this holiday season because you can’t afford the flights?


I’m going to give away some of my airline miles I earned this year to fund six [NOW NINE] round-trip flights for SIX [NINE]  individual people, starting and ending anywhere in the continental US, to the commenter who best tells me below why they want the trip.


The deadline is the 6th of December at 5:00pm EST, with the winners of the nine round trip seats announced on the 7th of December on the 7th of December.  To enter your story of why you want to go home, and need some help, click this link to Peter’s blog – DO YOU WANT TO GO HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS?


To make things easier for travelers, Peter’s assistant Meagan will handle the logistics of booking flights, TripIt will grant each person a three month subscription to TripIt Pro to ensure smooth traveling and MagicJack will be giving everyone a MagicJack Plus so they can stay in touch with friends and family all year round, no matter where they are.


So … do you need help getting home for the holidays? What are you waiting for, go tell your story here – DO YOU WANT TO GO HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS?


Happy Flying!



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