FAA Certifies New NextGen Santa Sleigh

It appears that Jolly Old Saint Nick has upgraded his sleigh this year and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)  has certified the new NextGen Santa One.  With a glass cockpit and new steep approach rating it seems Santa will be able to deliver gifts to good boys and girls around the world this year with a 53% speed increase.

The following is the official FAA break down, with graphics, of the newly certified Santa One

1) Cleared for Takeoff

This year Santa is going to deliver his presents faster than ever before. The FAA has certified Santa’s new sleigh, Santa One, for takeoff on Christmas Eve. As Santa makes his way around the globe, he’ll be landing on the rooftops using new techniques and technologies we’ve developed.

a cartoon of santa claus in a sleigh with reindeers

2) A Brighter Red Nose

The new sleigh comes with NextGen equipment that shows air traffic controllers Santa’s position more precisely. The controllers can now direct Santa to all those houses much faster. That means more time for Santa to stay and enjoy some milk and cookies!

a close-up of a cockpit

3) A New Approach

In the past, Santa’s sleigh had to “step down” while landing, kind of like going down stairs. But when air traffic controllers working the North Pole clear Santa One for landing now, Santa will be gliding down onto rooftops. This will be faster, save fuel and guarantee that presents are delivered up to 53 percent faster than in previous years.*

* Proven fact

a cartoon of santa claus flying in a sleigh with reindeers

4) Santa’s Tracks

Next year, Santa will be even faster, and the year after that, faster still. That’s because Santa is employing NextGen techniques and technologies that the FAA is building to help planes get to their destinations quicker than ever before. That means Santa will be back home to the North Pole in no time, working with his elves on next year’s Christmas!

a cartoon of a santa claus flying in the sky

…and to all a goodnight!

Happy Flying!


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