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FareCompare Updates Travel Tools

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9/07/2008 – FareCompare Updates Travel Tools

For years many flyers have used FareCompare’s (www.farecompare.com) search tools to find multiple travel options, while comparing pricing options.

The ‘old’ FareCompare was a bit challenging to use at times, however overall it was a good option for quickly referencing multiple options. The ‘new’ FareCompare’s tools not only streamline the process of searching multiple flight options, but the information displayed is more detailed and makes understanding your purchasing options clearer.

Rather than searching for a flight from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to London Heathrow (LHR) and seeing only
NZ – $786
BA – $1093
UA – $1089

The new fare compare shows you the airline (by code), fare class, cabin, advance purchase requirement, trip type (one way or round trip), base fare, fuel surcharge, international surcharge (which is often nearly the same cost as the base fare on this route), taxes, total…..and my favourite options, it shows you the Price Per Mile (PPM).

This information gives you a more informed choice on airfares and the “PPM” is an excellent tool for really knowing what your trip is costing you!

So for an Air New Zealand (NZ) flight from LAX to LHR you’ll see the break down
Airline: NZ
Fare Class: GX12SL
Cabin: Coach
Adv Pur: 7 days
Trip: Roundtrip
Base: $414
Fuel: $0
Intl Sur: $200
Taxes: $172
Total: $786
PPM: $0.14

With this, you can also search the Fare Rules, Flight Schedules and Routing Information. If you want to fly a specific routing you are can also search to filter out specific airlines, you can search by airline alliance, as well as by trip type, base price, total price…….and even search by your price per mile.

While this information might seem confusing or more info than you want to know, it is a great tool for selecting your preferred travel routes and creating cost-controls for your travel expenditures.

So, planning your next trip? Check out the ‘new’ tools at:

Happy Flying!

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