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Airline Fees For Surfboards Wipeout Surfers?

Web: — E-Mail: 23/08/2008 – Airline Fees For Surfboards Wipeout Traveling Surfers? Yesterday evening I would an interesting article in the Los Angles Times that cited exorbitant fees for flying with surfboards. While I have not surfed in years (and I do miss it, I grew up spending 7 days a week at…

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FareCompare Updates Travel Tools

Web: — E-Mail: 9/07/2008 – FareCompare Updates Travel Tools For years many flyers have used FareCompare’s ( search tools to find multiple travel options, while comparing pricing options. The ‘old’ FareCompare was a bit challenging to use at times, however overall it was a good option for quickly referencing multiple options. The ‘new’…