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Flying With Fish Is Flying Over To Boarding Area

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23/10/2008 – Flying With Fish Is Flying Over To Boarding Area

For the past two years Flying With Fish has called Blogger.com home. While Blogger has been good to Flying With Fish, I have recently been invited to move the Flying With Fish over to BoardingArea.com

In the near future when you type in www.flyingwithfish.com you’ll still end up at Flying With Fish, but you’ll find me somewhere else online. BoardingArea.com is home to some of the best air travel related blogs online and was created by the folks who created Flyer Talk (www.flyertalk.com) and Inside Flyer (www.insideflyer.com). This move should allow the readers of Flying With Fish to explore some other excellent, intelligent, well written, blogs.

I am excited for the move and look forward to having Flying With Fish along side some other blogs I regularly read. I am sure you’ll find something of interest on BoardingArea.com when I move over there as well.

Thanks for reading…….and Happy Flying!
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a jet flying in the sky


  1. Jess,

    I’ll find out about the RSS Feeds, and there will be a heads up when the switch over happens.

    I’m sure the switch will be smooth sailing

    Happy Flying!


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