Flying With Fish Named To Mashable’s “28 Awesome Aviation Pros on Twitter” List

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12/11/2009 – Flying With Fish Named To Mashable’s “28 Awesome Aviation Pros on Twitter” List

This afternoon released its ‘28 Awesome Aviation Pros on Twitter’ list. It came as no surprise to me that #1 on the list was Benet Wilson, Aviation Week’s Online Managing Editor for Business Aviation. Benet knows everyone, everyone knows Benet…and she is affectionately known as “Auntie Beet.” I have been lucky to have Auntie Benet write a guest post for me on Flying With Fish in the past (I have also written a guest column for her on Aviation Week’s web site). You can find Benet on Twitter at

When we come to #2 on the list we find…well we find Flying With Fish!

This is what Mashable said about Flying With Fish:
2. @flyingwithfish – Steve Frischling is an ace photographer turned travel guru. His advice on how to pack light or travel safe is invaluable. I personally love the travel iPhone App reviews he does at his blog, Flying with Fish. His tweets are a perfect blend of photo tips, travel tips and views on airlines.

I am not sure how I am #2 on the list…but I’ll take it! I follow just about everyone on the list…in fact when the list was published I was speaking on the phone with #5 on the list, with an IM from #3 on the list on my screen, reading a blog entry from #9 on the list, prepping for an upcoming radio interview with #13 on the list and considering baking some cookies from a recipe sent to me by #16 on the list.

So who else was on the list? Here is a quick look (and really all 28 are worth following)

#03 – @DanWebbage, Dan Webb, a fellow blogger, Dan is a college student who knows more about the airline industry that many professionals twice his age. Watch for Dan to be offered a CEO position with a major airline sometime after he graduates college in 2 years (I’m not kidding, he’s brilliant!)

#05 – @aschonland, Addison Schonland, is the Founder and President of the Innovation Analysis Group/IAG, where I currently serve as the Director of Emerging Media

#07 – @runwaygirl, Mary Kirby, is a journalist with Flight Global, often focusing on in-flight entertainment and connectivity.

#08 – @CrankyFlier, Brett Snyder, is the creator of, founder of, was ranked in the top 30 of The (London) Guardian’s Top 50 most influential bloggers … and I’ve been lucky to have him write a guest post for me on Flying With Fish

#09 – @FlightBlogger, Jon Ostrower, is a journalist with Flight Global who knows more about what Boeing is doing than most Boeing executives. I tend to not believe anything I read about Boeing until I’ve read it from him.

#11 – @MiddleSeat, Scott McCartney, is a staff writer at The Wall Street Journal covering the airline industry

#12 – @TodayintheSky, Ben Mutzabaugh, is a staff writer at USA Today covering the airline and travel industry. I read USA Today’s Today In The Sky Blog daily…often more than once daily

#13 – @Elliottdotorg, Christopher Elliott, is National Geographic Traveler’s Ombudsman & Readers Advocate, as well as a working with MSNBC writing a weekly column in The Washington Post (where he recently sent readers to Flying With Fish) and a syndicated travel journalist with Tribune Media Services

#14 – @Heather_Poole, Heather Poole is a flight attendant with a major US carrier, as well as a regular columnist with, where she pens Galley Gossip. Heather also just scored a book deal…I can’t wait to read it!

#16 – @TheFlyingPinto, Sara Keagle, is a flight attendant, Boston Red Sox fan (Go Sox!) and the author of, and look for a second guest post from Sara in a few days with a tasty cookie recipe (yes it related to airline travel).

You can read the entire “28 Awesome Aviation Pros on Twitter” List here:

For those of you not familiar with Mashable…Mashable is the world’s leading blog dedicated exclusively Social Media-and-Web 2.0 news. Mashable receives an average of 12.5million unique page views each month.

Happy Flying!

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