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9/12/2009 – Flying With Fish On CNN

Although I frequently write about airlines using Twitter and Emerging Media, have authored a detailed report on airlines and social media, and consult with companies regarding social media I was a bit taken aback this morning when I was contacted by the CNN’s Rick Sanchez show regarding the leak of the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) manual via the Federal Business Opportunities website the other day.

Many media outlets began reporting on the leak of the TSA SOP manual yesterday, while I began writing about it on Twitter shortly after 8:00pm two days earlier…after I downloaded the entire document.

So why was I taken aback by being contacted by CNN’s Rick Sanchez show? Because my thoughts on the TSA leak of the SOP would be featured by Twitter.  My views were featured along with the folks from NYC Aviation (@NYCAviation on Twitter)

Personally, while I think the leak of the TSA’s SOP should not have happened, having now read the 93-page document, I think that chances are those who are seeking to do harm to airline passengers already knew the vast majority of the information. For me, there were no real surprises in the document, although I had no idea what a CIA escort credential looked like…and this document showed samples images of one.

Below is a video clip, provided by NYC Aviation, of my Twitter accounts appearance on CNN’s Rick Sanchez show today (note that almost the entire screen is of my account and comments when they pan in).
Happy Flying!

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