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Free WiFi Worldwide (well sort of)

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4/09/2008 – Free WiFi Worldwide (well sort of)

Love Starbucks or hate Starbucks, they are everywhere. With stores in 54 countries, spanning four continents and a sub-continent, it is hard to not spot a Starbucks. Throughout most Starbucks locations you can find public WiFi spots to sit down, log on and surf the web.

How does any of this tie into getting free WiFi around the world? Simple, sign up for Starbucks Card Rewards and you can activate your card with two free hours of WiFi per day at Starbucks.

In the United States this offer is through AT&T, despite the vast majority of Starbucks locations still primarily offering T-Mobile WiFi hotspots. While the offer may vary from country to country, Starbucks customer service tells me the ability to access your two free hours per day should be available to all Starbucks Card Rewards users who use their Starbucks.com account and use that account to log on.

The cost of the Starbucks Card Rewards? Free. Want to customize your card? It is US$4.00. You can top-up the card, you can leave it bare, but you can still get your 2 hours of WiFi free per day. The only catch is that you muse use your Starbucks card at lease once per month.

Last week I came home and found a greeting card containing a personalized Starbucks Card Rewards card in my mailbox. What does my card have on it? A picture of ‘me’ holding a passport in a city.

While I do not drink coffee, I find myself in Starbucks all over the world…….almost always sitting down to log on and use the internet. From Frankfurt to Hong Kong, I have always been able to find a store when I want to read the news, send an e-mail home or transmit photos to clients via an FTP site.

Want your 2 hours of free WiFi daily at Starbucks? Order yours here: www.starbucks.com/card

Below are a few photos of my Starbucks card……and one of my Starbucks travel mug with my ‘Fish Family‘ drawn on it.

Happy Flying!

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a group of cups and a card
a book with a picture on it
a close-up of a starbucks card
a close-up of a mug

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  1. Hi, Fish. It’s handy how you take the things we should know and bring them to our attention in a clear, concise and intriguing way. Starbucks will get more of my business because of your post!

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