Get Ready To Rock Out During The #TNI #Travel Chat As We Discuss Travel Music

Every journey has a sound track … maybe even including Journey … and whether consciously or subconsciously music is with us as we travel.


Come join the #TNI #Travel Chat today, June 5th,  at 3:30pm EDT (UTC-4) and get ready to share the music that is your constant companion, the music you have discovered as you’ve traveled and maybe even the music you have learned to despise along the way.


The #TNI #Travel Chat is the oldest and longest continuously running Travel Chat on Twitter, established in 2009. #TNI’s format is easy to follow with 10 questions, a new question asked every 10 minutes between 3:30pm and 5:00pm EDT and plenty of lively discussion in between. We have a great community of regular travelers who participate every week and encourage anyone and everyone to drop in for a topic they may enjoy and check the chat out. What’s the worst?  You find you love #TNI and keep coming back, right?


Joining the #TNI #Travel Chat is easy, using your favourite Twitter application simply follow the #TNI hashtag, or follow either @flyingwithfish or @Official_#TNI.   You can also follow #TNI’s fantastic regular co-hosts @petchmo, @trvlinsalesgal or @jeromeshaw.


Need help getting started? Have questions?  Have a topic to suggest?  Just send me a Tweet.


Happy Flying!




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