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‘Go Flying On Fish’ Contest Winners Announced….Yes ‘Winners,’ I Chose More Than One!!

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9/06/2008 – ‘Go Flying On Fish’ Contest Winners Announced….Yes ‘Winners,’ I Chose More Than One!!

John Davis, of Sparks, NV, a political science graduate student and aspiring professional photographer, takes the “official” top prize of a $100 gift card for travel anywhere within Southwest Airlines’ system.

John’s goal is to travel between the US/Canadian boarder in Blaine, WA and in Buffalo/Niagara Fall, NY. Starting his observations and research in Blaine, WA John intends to document his interactions at the US/Canadian boarders between Washington State (US) and British Columbia (Canada) he’ll then fly with Southwest Airlines out to Buffalo, NY, watch the interactions at the Buffalo/Niagara Falls boarder crossings at the three boarder between New York (US) and Ontario (Canada).

John hopes to compare the differences between US immigrations agents and Canadian agents. Additionally John wants to see if there is a difference in attitudes and operating procedures between the two boarders that are roughly 2,100 miles (3380km) apart.

John’s compelling pitch really caught my attention as I have a considerable interest in the documentation of ‘Homeland Security.’ I found his pitch detailed, educated and extremely well thought out. I whole-heartedly support the advancement of students and the study of, and documentation of, national security related topics.


While reviewing hundreds of entries for the ‘Go Flying On Fish!’ one stood out from the rest for it’s own individual reasons. This entry was not polished (not that I chose a polished entry), it was not detailed or written in a clean and experienced manner, but it stood out and I kept coming back to it.

The entry is from Trenton Moore, a high school student from Central Florida. Not only did Trenton’s words appeal to me, his macro work is wonderful. I really enjoyed the samples of the work he sent me, most of his work is on par with what I expected, but Trenton’s macro work and detail work is excellent and should be encouraged and furthered!

What does Trenton want? He’d like to head up to the city I was born in (well one borough over from where I was born) and photograph the iconic buildings that make up the skyline of Manhattan. Bright colours and chrome seem to be his attraction. Considering I started my shooting career in New York, was born and raised next to JFK Airport, and love shooting architecture how could I say no to this request?

I e-mailed Trenton to tell him I needed to get an e-mail from his parents to tell me they were on board with his interest in traveling to New York. Yesterday afternoon Trenton’s Mom dropped me an e-mail back that’s she’d love to encourage Trenton’s interest in photography and is OK with him hopping a Southwest Airline flight to either Islip or Philadelphia than taking the train into New York to shoot what captures his imagination.

………so now torn between what I considered a clear winner (John Davis) and someone who I wanted to encourage (Trenton Moore) I decided one $100 flight credit on Southwest Airlines was not enough and decided what the heck….. give ’em both $100 towards their journeys!

So John and Trenton…You Are Free To Move About The Country!

Happy Flying!


  1. I experienced the US-Canadian border just this weekend – by car – at the Buffalo-Fort Erie crossing (ie, Peace Bridge). It was interesting. To get into Canada, where I would be a guest, I had to answer two questions: What’s your citizenship? Where are you going? To get back to the US, the country that kind of has to take me as here I’m not a guest, I had to answer many, many more questions. I won’t bother listing them all, but they included a first for me: Who owns this car? As the car has NY plates, NY registration and NY inspection I can’t see how my answer could matter. Would it have been different if I had said Auntie Shirley, Governor Paterson or anybody else instead of admitting that it was mine? I don’t know, but going into Canada seemed easy and pleasant. Returning to the US seemed tenser and protracted. Perhaps that’s why there was a line to get into a the US but none to get into Canada.

  2. Fishman – you are TWO cool. Thanks for helping others, it’s good karma….

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