‘Green’ Holiday Travel Gifts For Your Flyers

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03/12/2008 – ‘Green’ Holiday Travel Gifts For Your Flyers

The holidays are just around the corner and what better gift to get your flyer (or yourself) than helping reduce their carbon footprint as they travel the world?

When booking your holiday travel, consider also adding in the gift of carbon offsets.  This season TerraPass has created the ‘One Year’s Flying Carbon Offsets’ package for an affordable US$50.

The TerraPass gift of ‘green’ provides carbon offsets equal to four short haul, three medium haul and two long haul flights, as well as a luggage tag to show your flyers support travelling green.  While this may not be enough carbon offsets for someone who flies frequently, it is a step in the right direction.

What exactly does a carbon offer?  The revenue generated by the carbon offsets goes to support clean energy and projects that reduce the overall greenhouse gas emissions.  TerraPass’ established portfolio of environmentally friendly projects include a mix of clean energy, landfill gas capture and farm power.

So this holiday season rather than buying your flyer something wrapped in a plastic case, shipped via plane and truck, and delivered in a plastic bag, maybe consider helping them reduce their carbon footprint as they step onto the plane and travel the world.

For more information visit: http://HolidayTravelCarbonOffsetPackage.notlong.com
Happy Flying!

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