In Flight Service At 30,000 feet … how passengers see it

Airline passengers often complain that airlines offer them increasingly few options in flight and that airlines are disconnected from passengers needs.   Whether or not airlines are in fact how passengers perceive them is not relevant … because sometimes we just need to laugh at the whole travel experience.


I have to credit Jon Norris, Executive Director of Important Things That Have To Get Done at the Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX) for bringing this video to my attention.


Sit back, relax, put your tray table down and decide whether you’d like Beef or Cow for your meal.


Happy Flying!





  1. This reminds me of a flight attendant who blogged about changing the wording of the inflight meal options depending on how many there are left (to make them sound more or less appetizing)… Just genius when you think about it!

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