iPhone ‘App’ Of The Week : Bargaintravel.com Travel Toolkit

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6/02/2009 – iPhone ‘App’ Of The Week : Bargaintravel.com Travel Toolkit

As a traveler I use a variety of different iPhone Apps to make my life easier while helping others travel, while planning travel and while traveling.  Some iPhone Apps overlap, some are redundant and get used side by side and now I have begun to adopt a quite, easy ‘all in one’ iPhone App for when I just need basic information quickly.

Recently I discovered BargainTravel.com’s ‘Travel Toolkit.’ Having used Travel Toolkit for the past few weeks while helping others sort out basic travel information, I have found the App to be an excellent quick resource.

Travel Toolkit easy to use interface, and lack of graphics, allows the iPhone App to not only be used quickly, but also to load quickly.  The initial menu is simple offering you easy options
-Flight Status
-Airport Status
-Airport Alerts
-Compare Ticket Prices
-Airport Codes
-Airline Phone Numbers

I primarily use Flight Status; Airport Status and Airport Alerts, although I have found Airline Phone Numbers handy and Airport Codes a quick way to find alternate information quickly.

Travel Toolkit is designed for the everyday user, those who do not travel often, yet it has enough easy to access information in a single App that it can be a valuable tool for the regular road warrior.

Sure it is often fun to track a flight by seeing it on a map, as well as know its current speed, heading and altitude, but sometimes you just want to know that United Airlines Flight #5 departed JFK in New York at 6:05am EST and arrived at 9:20am PST at San Francisco International Airport (SFO).

Being able to search airport delays and alerts by both airport name, via scrolling through airport names, and by airport code, but quickly typing in the airport code, it can be used by virtually any experienced or inexperienced traveller.

…and quick access to airline phone numbers…great for when you hear your flight has been cancelled and you want to beat your fellow passengers to a rebooked seat and get on your way!

In a pinch and looking for cheap seats?  There is even a feature to visit BargainTravel.com’s web site and search for excess seats sold by consolidators (consolidator fares can often be as much as more than 40% off).

Travel Toolkit is an absolute bargain for US$2.99 and an excellent tool for not only those who travel, but those who manage travelers and air travel logistics.

Below are ten screen shots of Travel Toolkit on my iPhone.

Happy Flying!
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a screen shot of a cell phone a screen shot of a travel kit

a screenshot of a phone a screenshot of a phone

a keyboard with numbers and letters a screenshot of a phone

a screenshot of a phone a screenshot of a phone

a screenshot of a phone a screenshot of a phone

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