iPhone ‘App’ Of The Week : Cheap Escape

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14/05/2009 – iPhone ‘App’ Of The Week : Cheap Escape

Sometimes you just want to get away. You don’t care where you’re headed; you just want to hop the cheapest flight somewhere you can get away for a few days.

This week, for the second week in a row, I am writing about an iPhone App by inZania. Last week I wrote about ‘Airfare,’ this week I’d like to introduce you to Cheap Escape.

Unlike just about any other airfare search engine you’ll encounter, when you launch Cheap Escape the App only asks where you’d like to be “Departing from.”  There is no place to enter your destination.   Why is there no place for your destination, or even your date of your departure?   Simple, Cheap Escape searches multiple online-search engines to find you the cheapest flights anywhere.

If you have a flight to Hawaii in your mind, Cheap Escape is not for you.  If you’re happy to browse airfares for flights anywhere that Cheap Escape displays on a global scale, then this is the App for you!

I love the idea that you can pick a random budget, say $200 for airfare, type in your departure airport and make your choices of destinations from there.

Like to get away, but no idea where you’re headed?  Download inZania’s Cheap Escape for your iPhone.

Below are six screen shots of Cheap Escape from my iPhone.

Happy Flying!
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a screen shot of a cell phone a screen shot of a phone

a screen shot of a flight schedule a screenshot of a price list

a screenshot of a flight schedule a screenshot of a flight ticket

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