Keeping Business Attire Neat & Pressed While Traveling Light

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27/03/2009 – Keeping Business Attire Neat & Pressed While Traveling Light

When heading out for a quick day trip for business it can seem like a challenge to keep your clothes neat and pressed while carrying everything you need for work in a single bag.

A few years ago keeping a pressed shirt wrinkle free could be difficult for a traveling photographer flying with a single bag. The best way to pack light and wrinkle free was to use a briefcase, but who wants to carry a brief case while shooting photos?

Over the past few years virtually every photo backpack, messenger bag and rolling bag has integrated a laptop slot. Laptop slots are structured (or semi-structured), able to accommodate a minimum of a 15″ laptop and are separated from the rest of the equipment in your bag. This space is ideal for packing one, or two, pressed and folded shirts straight from the dry-cleaner.

While slots for laptops come in many variations, top loading, side loading, internal, etc, they can almost all handle both a laptop at a shirt at the same time. Since a laptop is flat and rigid it will not wrinkle your shirt and your shirt can even provide extra padding for the laptop.

Packing my shirts this way allows me to get off the plane, change my shirt, and look presentable and professional, rather than looking like I’ve been sitting upright in a 17″ wide seat with a 32″ pitch all night long.

Below is a photo of one of my shirts sticking out of the side laptop slot of my Mountainsmith Borealis AT.

Happy Flying!
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