Nuts & Bolts of #SkyTeamRTW – Little Batteries, Big Job

Sometimes the smallest items can make the difference between working on the road and searching for a power outlet so you can keep working on the road. Many travelers, traveling for work or pleasure, are tied to their mobile phones or tablets to be in touch, but overlook a basic and inexpensive accessory … a small battery pack to keep their phone or tablet up and running.


For #SkyTeamRTW three batteries are constantly in the bag, brand tends to be less relevant than capacity. Yes, $10 pocket batteries are available to keep your mobile phone juiced while out and about, but the capacity of those batteries tends to often not be enough to even provide one single recharge to a phone, so before selecting a battery do some homework.


The three batteries on the road, keeping #SkyTeamRTW up and running all day, every day, as we bounce around the planet, are all capable of not only providing more than a single full charge to an iPhone 5, but also charging the iPad Mini.


For what people spend on their phones, their tablets, the accessories for their phones and tablets, it is surprising how many travelers overlook the simple and cost effective accessory of a battery than can allow them to keep wandering, keep working, keep enjoying their day rather than frequently taking a break from their day to find an electrical outlet to recharge.


The World moves quickly, why waste your precious time sitting down tethered to a wall so you can keep charging your adventures when you can stay powered up and keep enjoying your adventures?


Below is a photo of the Innergie battery and two Energizer batteries that keep the two iPhones and iPad Mini going as #SkyTeamRTW explores the world.


Happy Flying!




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