OK … Back To Work …

Before I dive back in and flip the ‘on-switch’ again to get going, I’d first like to thank all you folks who dropped me an email, Tweeted me or found me on Facebook to ask if I was OK.   Your concern was very much appreciated … however I simply took a break to step back from Flying With Fish to check out where I’ve been, where I was headed, focus on some other projects that needed all of my attention (and still do) and decompress after a few weeks of very heavy travel.   Sure I love getting on a plane, even more fun when it is nearly daily, but sometimes a break is good, even from something you love doing.


To get this going, below is one of my favorite photos I shot while taking this quick break, a Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 lifting off from Los Angeles International Airport as an Alaska Airlines 737-400 lands behind it.  The was was shot from the grassy hill across from the LAX In-n-Out, a plane spotting ‘holy site.’ Can you believe I had never been plane spotting there before? I’m glad a friend dragged me out there!


It feels good to get ready to dive back into Flying With Fish after a break … and away we go!


Happy Flying!




a group of airplanes taking off

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