Reader Mail “Is A Lay Flat Seat The Same As A Fully Flat Seat?”

Wordplay is a hallmark of marketing and sometimes says exactly what a project is without actually saying what a product is.


This reader mail from Riley O’Connor is all about word play. Riley emailed me the following “I’m flying Australia in December and noticed some airlines describe their business class seats as a lay flat seat and others a fully flat seat. Is a lay flat seat the same as a fully flat seat?”


Ahhhh, the age-old question of what determines if a seat is a flat seat.  In fact lay flat seats are not the same as fully flat seats.   A lay flat seat, such as those installed in Air France’s business class are technically flat, but only recline to 170º. Air France’s seats, for example, are fully flat seat, but are angled, rather than ‘fully flat.’ You get a flat bet to sleep in on the flight, however your body is not parallel to the ground.


A fully flat seat is just that … fully flat. A fully flat seat not only extends flat, but the seat reclines 180º, completely parallel to the floor.


Hope that clears this up for those booking seats in business class!


Happy Flying!




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