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Rent Green : Downgrade Your Rental Car

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9/09/2008 – Rent Green : Downgrade Your Rental Car

A few days ago I walked out of the terminal, got on a train, walked over to the Avis Preferred ‘board,’ spotted my name, walked out to space E2, then I sat down in a Ford Mustang GT. After sitting behind the steering wheel I reached out, pulled my name-card off the dash board and walked back to the service counter and requested to be downgraded to a Chevy Aveo.

I know many people look for rental car upgrades and many business travelers want the nicest car they can upgrade to on lot. I also know many business travelers, like myself, who often down-grade to save on fuel. When I travel I don’t need a nice car. I don’t need a Mustang, especially not a Mustang GT, I don’t need a Chevy Tahoe, I just need four wheels to get me to and from my jobs.

The environmental difference between the Ford Mustang GT and Chevy Aveo is about 10 miles per gallon of fuel. The Mustang GT gets 15-city/23-highway , while the less glamourous Chevy Aveo gets 26-city/34-highway. Both cars get me from the airport to my shoots and back to the airport again.

Not only does downgrading your car often allow you to have a smaller carbon-footprint, but it will also save money. The world we live in is a delicate balance and a reduced carbon footprint, no matter how small, can make a difference.

So next time you walk out into the rental car parking lot and find yourself upgraded to something you don’t need, consider downgrading to save yourself money at the gas pump, while also reducing the carbon foot-print of your mode of transportation on the road.

Happy Flying!


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