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Round-the-World Photo Workshop : Reintroduced All For Less Than Flying From New York-to-Sydney In Business Class!

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17/09/2008 – Round-the-World Photo Workshop : Reintroduced All For Less Than Flying From New York-to-Sydney In Business Class!

Earlier this year I was forced to delay the No Jet Lag Round-the-World Workshop due to some health concerns and the increasing instability of the airline industry. Now, with significant research, a little retooling, and a clean bill of health, I am reintroducing the Round-the-World Workshop!

Interested in traveling around The World in International Business Class, shooting photos in 7 countries, on four continents, for less than the cost of a business class seat between New York-and-Sydney? Then keep reading!

The world awaits outside your door as foreign countries and distant continents beckon you to explore them at breakneck speeds. You’ll spend one day shooting in winter and the next day soaking up the summer before heading back to shooting in the cold of the winter. Do you crave the challenges and adventure of traveling and creating photographs on four continents, a subcontinent, seven countries and eight world class cities in 10 days?

The Flying With Fish Round-the-World No Jet Lag Workshop is less workshop and more intensive hands-on boot camp, out in The World, learning effective skills to travel as a photographer.

You will be motivated and energized to face real constraints and produce assigned images as you crisscross hemispheres, straddle the international dateline and cross every single timezone on the planet. Moving from city to city around the world, you will overcome exhaustion and learn to rapidly assess your surroundings and handle changing situations and environments to produce assignments.

Producing images in foreign lands can be challenging when you are rested and have had time to walk around and carefully choose your shots. Working tired and under the looming pressure of missing an international flight is never an ideal situation. The skills you’ll learn during this No Jet Lag Workshop, however, will teach you to rapidly overcome weather, cultural, language, and logistical obstacles to produce your images. A whole new world of creativity will unfold for you in front of your lens as you learn these skills.

Who would benefit from this adventurous workshop? Anyone who travels with their camera equipment. Anyone who wants to push the limits of personal photography and travel skills. The travel and photography logistics skills learned during the No Jet Lag Workshop will offer experienced professional photographers immediate return. The ability to work without any recourse of a second chance is ideal for wedding, editorial and location photographers who work in rapidly changing situations.

Amateur photographers will learn how to push horizons and work in real world assignment and deadline situations. Skills will emerge that will help photographers rapidly assess situations and create formidable images in any given moment and situation rather than in only ‘ideal’ situations.

The No Jet Lag Workshop will not teach you how to be a travel photographer. There will be no lessons on waiting for the perfect sunset or choosing filters. Lessons are instead focused on taking current photography skills and applying them to enhance the creation of your images under any circumstances.

Lessons will begin before we meet to depart for the first flight. “Fish” will work with each participant personally to help them choose equipment and develop packing techniques. Knowing how to pack is an essential skill for rapid travel. The first, and most important, requirement for the Round-the-World No Jet Lag Workshop is simple: ‘you haul it in; you haul it out.’ You must pack all your gear, clothing and essentials and carry everything you need on your back while you shoot. For much of the journey, everything you have with you will be on your back as you make your way through a city creating images.

I will work with each participant on creating a safe packing system that reduces the chance of theft while in transit or on the streets.

Everyone’s shooting style and gear selection is unique to them; however, it can always be trimmed down to save space and weight. Lens selection can be difficult, but making tough choices saves on space and weight, which is critical when packing for a journey such as the one you’ll embark on during the Round-the-World No Jet Lag Workshop.

–When is the journey?

The journey is set to begin at Midnight on the 22nd of February from New York City, returning to New York’s JFK at 1:40PM on the 4th of March.

–Where are we going?

During our journey, there will be six known ‘destination cities’ and two ‘hidden cities’. The hidden cities are amazing locations on two different continents! The six destination cities currently (any city may be swapped out for another incredible city due to flight schedules) planned are:
New York
San Francisco

–How are we getting to these cities?

All travel will be flown in International Business Class, including the single U.S. Domestic flight. Your flights on 4-&-5 Star international airlines will allow you to sleep in lay flat seats, experience excellent in-flight service, use in-seat power to charge your batteries, use international business class lounges to shower and enjoy meals.

–Where are we sleeping?

5 of the 10 nights will be spent sleeping at 30,000 feet flying continent-to-continent. The remaining nights will be spent doubling up in tourist-class hotels after a full day of on your feet shooting. One of these hotels will have laundry service to get your clothes washed while you sleep.

–What does this Round-the-World No Jet Lag Workshop cost?

The workshop is currently US$16,000 and is inclusive of all international airline ticket fees and taxes for the 28,000+ miles of flying around the world in International Business Class. Some public transportation will be covered. Hotel costs will be split depending in the number of attendees based on double or triple occupancy.

European Attendees Are Welcome & Will Be Accommodated With A Custom Travel Itinerary To Seamlessly Complete The Entire Round-the-World Workshop With The Group.

A minimum of 3 participants is required for this workshop to take off, with a maximum of 5 seats available.

If you would like to sign up, or have any questions, please e-mail fish@flyingwithfish.com.

Let’s Explore the World!

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  1. I would absolutely love to do this workshop, however, the price tag is a bit out of my range. Great idea though and I look forward to hearing how it goes.

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