Santa’s New Delivery Logistics & How They Impact You

As Christmas Eve approaches for North America this seems like an appropriate time to discuss the logistics that make Santa Claus’ annual flight possible and how North Pole International Air Cargo, d/b/a Santa Claus Express Ltd have been revolutionizing their present delivery logistics.


Operations at Santa’s North Pole Workshop, located at the North Pole International Sleighport, are complicated. Before Santa’s sleigh, Santa One, can depart for its 31 hour mission of delivering presents to boys and girls around the world, his elves need to address child profiling, toy research, sourcing production material, security, marketing and public relations, dining services, health care and of course logistics.


Santa Claus, like you and I, is focused on being more effective, while reducing his carbon footprint.   This year Santa’s team of engineers, load masters, veterinarians, meteorologists and governmental affairs experts spent considerable time devising a way to achieve Santa’s Goal of reaching children quicker while also making Santa One more environmentally friendly.  The answer …


… establishing the subsidiary Candycane Airways, a Part 121 cargo carrier and setting up distribution hubs. For the past few months Candycane Airways has been quietly airlifting presents to dedicated cargo hubs around the world.   Through the development of a strategic cargo hub system Santa Claus will lift off from the North Pole International Sleighport lighter and faster, as the first land his flight plan reaches is more than 700 miles south of his base of operations.


Traveling at more than 650 miles per second for 31 hours is exhausting for Santa’s team of nine reindeer. The reduced take off weight of Santa One means a lower amount of fuel burn on the reindeer, which translates into Santa One’s propulsion team reducing its emissions of harmful methane gases into the atmosphere.


Santa’s Flight Operations Team has quietly worked with aviation authorities around the world to ensure North Pole International Air Cargo’s Santa One’s optimization of NexGen technology is second to none and a role model for aerospace companies around the world.


So … with a new logistics strategy in place for Santa One’s flight on the 25th of December, North Pole International Air Cargo filed its flight plan with governments around the world, which was universally accepted.   The following is the flight plan filed in the United States with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Carrier: Santa Claus Express Ltd

Flight Plan: 122512

Pilot: Kris Kringle (AKA: Santa Claus)

Aircraft: Sleigh (Santa One)

Origin: North Pole

Destination: Multiple Stops / Entire World

Engine: Nine Reindeer

Cargo: Presents/Gifts/Cookies

Date: 25 Dec 2012

Call Sign: Santa One


Below is a graphic of North Pole International Air Cargo’s president distribution hubs in the United States for 2012.


Happy Flying and To All A Goodnight!




a map of the world with a candy cane

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