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Shooting Long Lenses With No Tripod At Slower Exposures While On The Road

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25/08/2008 – Shooting Long Lenses With No Tripod At Slower Exposures While On The Road

With this coming week being a short week here on Flying With Fish, I decided to use the two days I’ll be posting to try something totally new………Flying With Fish Video.

While I have appeared on national television in the past, and been in front of TV cameras a few times, I had never actually tried shooting my own video. In fact, I have never really even used a video camera until two nights ago! Two nights ago a Flip Video camera appeared in my kitchen, and much like in the movie “Field of Dreams” I heard a quiet voice whisper, “if you shoot it they will come.”

Now I have no idea what the voices meant, or who will be coming where, however I may have just been craving a chocolate bar and a can of ginger ale, so the voices may have just been my stomach grumbling, however I set out to go shoot a segment on Saturday night along the Connecticut Shoreline just after sunset, and Sunday afternoon in Long Island City, in Queens, New York, in the afternoon.

I learned two important things in these two brief attempts
1) The audio on a Flip Video leaves a lot to be desired.
2) I cannot talk while my face is pressed against a camera, no one will hear me!

So, I have learned from these two attempts, and promise that when I get out of the hospital and get back to shooting in about 10 days, I will work on better audio and never speak while my face is pressed against a camera (unless I am wearing a mic, but I don’t see how I could attach a wireless mic to the Flip Video camera).

……… enough with my rambling, welcome to the first installment of Flying With Fish Video. This segment is a quick introduction to shooting longer lenses, at slower shutter speeds, without a tripod or monopod.

Happy Flying!

–Click Image Below To Begin The Video–

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